Made it to Portugal

I'm here in Portugal visiting my parents. I thought I would never make it. This was the work traveling I have ever done but it was my own fault. I missed my first flight because I could have sworn it had said 8pm and not 8am. Anyways I noticed at 9am my mistake and was able to connect to my flight that left from boston to azores. Sadly my hubby had to pay 117 to get me there since Northwest cancelled all my flights because I missed that one. Everyone I landed I had problems. It was just never ending pain. I still have to figure out how to get home and if I'll be refunded at all. I still have my flight to boston but after that all my flights were cancelled. My first plane was delayed so it got there about 15 mins before my next one was scheduled to take off. It took forever for the plane to stop and when it did it was nowhere near a gate and we had to take a shuttle to get inside. I got inside and my next flight was delayed a bit an extra 10 mins but I was at gate E and my next one was at gate A. They said I wouldn't make it so they changed my flight to a later time (2 hours away). I thought I would try anyways. I made it only because it was delayed another 10 more minutes! Then when I got to boston my bags did not show because they had gone on the plane that was scheduled 2 hours later. This became a problem because I needed to check in and check in my bags and only had a 30 min time in between. I had to run from terminal A to terminal E to go check in and check what to do, then to go back and try to get my bags or tell them to send it to terminal a, they were there so i checked them in and made it in time. But i couldn't fix anything in texas because the airlines could not be contacted. When I got to boston they couldn't do anything so said for me to fix when i got to azores. I am pooped and have not gotten it fixed yet.

My husband has been dealing with the house while I have been here doing all the bidding and paperwork. So I am excited so far everything has been going good. The inspector is scheduled for monday. I hope all goes okay and there isn't much of anything at all wrong.

My coworkers had asked me to take photos of plants here and maybe bring some seeds of interesting things. Well I had told them I'm pretty sure they have basically all the same plants. I never notice before what plants were here but I was right. Practically all the same plants just way bigger because it does't get as cold here. Pampas grass, hibiscus, bougainvillea, hydrangeas, vincas, geraniums. But there is one plant everywhere that I have no idea what it is. I'm going to go search for it now but I don't think it sets seed. I'm pretty sure I can't take a plant on my trip back and it would probably die by the time I got back. My mother has a lot of house plants. Her ferns here are huge. The house is humid and it makes them grow like beasts. She has always been really good at growing ferns. Not myself. When I went to college and they moved here she gave me 2 ferns. Well they died soon but I think I neglected them too much. I'll be trying again when I get home since I only have a plumosa fern outside but no ferns inside just ivy, begonias, and succulents.


I'm Alive Trust Me

Hi everyone. I'm sure you have all been worried about where I have been. I got busy with school and work in general. Finals were last week but I still have an online final to do. Sorry for not posting much, I have been so down about our apartment. My Husband and I have been in dire want of a home. I'll be leaving tomorrow to go visit my parents in Portugal and I'll be gone until January 7th.

Good news, We are house hunting. We found a great home and will be starting tomorrow on the process of getting it. So soon I will have a yard to garden in. This home has some nice landscaping too with some what looked to me to be wonderful plants. I'm very excited and do hope we get the home.

Every one have a great holiday season. I'll be back next year hopefully with a garden to plan for!