My dream came true!

I've been waiting 6 months for this dream. One day it came to me that I should stop settling for less then what I want. I have worked in dead in jobs ever since I started working. It was always disheartening when I tried to apply for something that I really wanted to do only to be told I didn't have any experience. Last year I quit a job I had and decided I would not settle for any other job if it was not what I wanted to be in for years to come. That job to me was working at a nursery or something along the horticulture lines. Sine then I did get another job but it didn't last. It was taking photographs of houses but it was just a dangerous job that I was not comfortable doing.

After applying to anywhere nearby 2-3 times I finally got what seems likes a promising beginning to getting my foot into a horticulture career. I filled out paperwork to work as a plant merchandiser at lowes and thought this would be a great start. My high hopes were soon crushed when 2 months later I still had not started. Communication with the manager was rough. He never called when he said he would and ever week was supposed to be the week I started. With all this stringing around I got the courage to go directly to the wholesale nursery I really wanted to work for. It is the only place around that I can see myself working at for many years and reaching a position I would like to stay at. To my surprise they did have positions open for entry level jobs. I filled out an application 2 weeks ago.

I start working tomorrow or sunday or monday. It depends if they need me now or if they can wait until monday. Of course I'm excited. I'm just starting out doing merchandising, this time for home depot. The merchandising position I will be doing until May. Once I get out of school I will start my internship! The internship will last through the summer. During the internship I will get to experience all the different areas of the wholesale nursery. I'm very very thrilled to do the internship and wish I could start now. After that I'm not sure what will happen. All I can hope for is that they will want me to stay afterwards and have a place for me. It's difficult since I go to school and it is inevitable for me to have a day class. Most of their positions are full time and I wouldn't be able to do that with a day class. Also most of the department managers don't approve of people who start later in the day. I'll have to see when the time comes. Until then I'm happy I have my foot in the door and finally some money coming my way. Plus I get discounts on plants!


R.I.P Chocolate Mint

chocolate mint
Goodbye Chocolate Mint

I'm sad to see you go. You smelled so good and I'm sure you would have tasted great in tea and other things. If only I had gotten the chance to enjoy you like I wanted to. Now if you weren't covered in aphids and ants all the time you would still be here. I'd rather have you rest in peace then deal with daily sprayings and aphids sucking you dry. Maybe you would have had a better life with someone else but instead had to suffer with me. I'm sorry for not being able to protect you from the dangers of the world. I tried really I did. Forgive me Chocolate Mint. Rest in peace.

chocolate mint

p.s. Now I have some containers open for other things that need a new home.

My Mystery Plant

maybe jasmine
What are you mystery plant? I do hope you are a jasmine!

There are a few mystery plants that I have on my balcony. But one of them has really been pushing at me to find out for sure what it is. It is one of the plants I received from an older women who gave me some cuttings (more like whole plants) from her neglected garden. She yanked this plant out of her front yard. She handed me this vine plant to bring home saying she thought it was a jasmine but could not remember. She thought it had white flowers and smelled good. Well that sounded like jasmine to me right? I could only hope because I had no idea about anything back then. When I received it, it was green and growing and tangling me up when I was trying to get it planted. She didn't just give me a cutting like I wanted but the whole plant with roots and all the vines that came with it. Ha it was funny trying to bring this and other plants out of my car and up my stairs with vines dragging behind me.

This is what the leaves looked like when I brought it home.

The first picture is of my jasmine now. I cut back all the dead stems. They were once green but I cut them back and well they died. Really I was going to toss this out because I thought I had killed it for sure. Deep inside I had a feeling that it just went into shock or that it was supposed to do this. I trusted my instinct and kept it to see if any new growth would show up. It did and I waited longer to cut off the dead steams in case something grew from them. Nothing did and it all kept popping out of one area and one greenish stem. It was just last week that I cut it off and I hope I did the right thing. If not then I'll learn from my mistakes. I've made many already. What harm does another one do?

In January.

It has grown a bit but not really fast. That is what it looked like in January with the old stems still on it. I'm thinking it might be a confederate jasmine since that is a popular zone 8 vine. The women who gave me this had rather common plants so I'm thinking she didn't had the most common jasmine of this area. I'll have to wait and see if I'm right. If anyone knows for sure please do speak.


Pink and White Blooms and many spider mites

Snapdragon blooming nicely now.

I want to make this post not all about the bad things. There isn't much time for me to write tons of things on spider mites. I have to go to class soon, so I have to get ready, make copies, and get gas then drive 20 minutes to school. My snapdragon is blooming wonderful. While looking at my snapdragon I noticed my lemon balm wasn't looking right. The lemon balm I don't normally pay attention to because it's done so well. Upon inspection I saw grey blotches and was hoping not to find anything. Sadly, I did find tons of spider mites. All underneath the lemon balm leaves were spidermites. I got my neem oil and sprayed but I couldn't get it to cover the underside of the leaves. So I came out the next day with some water and some soap and sprayed the undersides. Then shot it again the next day with some just plain water. I think I got most of them off but I need to go squirt them again with some water. I don't know what happened. It's so sad when I get plants with these bugs on them. My chocolate mint is forever infested with aphids and ants and I'll be throwing that out.
It got me thinking though if these sick plants are protecting the other plants from getting these aphids and spider mites. I know that probably not the case at all. I wish I could let nature take it's course but I don't seem to have any insects around that get rid of aphids of spider mites. I had a leaf footed bug that had been sitting in my lemon balm for months but it didn't stop any of the spider mites and I don't think it's a beneficial at all. Beneficial insects don't come to my balcony. I only ever see the occasional grass hopper, maybe a bee and a wasp a day, many ants, and that's all. The bees don't stay long either. They hover for a minute then go off. Anyone with ideas on weather to keep these sickies or just rid of them. I'm still trying on the lemon balm to see if it gets better. I need to research on spider mites. When I did look a little about them and lemon balm it seems they do like it. Maybe I'll just have to find another plant that doesn't attract these spider mites and other bad things.

A white candytuft flowering.


Good Morning!

Good Morning Grasshopper!

Out on my balcony many things were out and already enjoying the day. I looked out at the sunny but windy day and saw the world awakening. Many of the plants around my apartment are growing already. There are tons of weeds in the grass that are multiplying fast. There is one weed I don't know the name of that I find rather pretty. It has interesting round leaves with a frilly edge. Then these little purple flowers come out but disappear quickly. I'm all for having naturalized native plants since my containers don't really allow them to spread as if I had a yard. The Evening Primrose is a weed here that I always look for on my morning walks. I don't see it as much as I used to.

Even though it was windy last night none of my plants tipped over like they usually do. I did the quick glance around and spotted the grasshopper on my window screen. Well good morning grasshopper. At least it will be a good morning if you don't fly at me! And it didn't, so it was a good morning. Large flying insects coming at me are not something I enjoy. I'm still getting used to the bees that like to get way to close for comfort. Now instead of giving a little squeal when a bee gets close to my head, I just stay there and wait it out hoping I don't get smacked in the eye.

grape hyacinths
Good Morning Grape Hyacinths!

Well after hoping that a grasshopper didn't fly at me I looked at my little seedlings. As I always do many times a day inspect the seedlings for any new growth. All those that are up are growing fast now. The fastest seedlings of them all are the sweet peas. They are just about 2 pushing on 3 inches tall. Yesterday I spotted my Parsley Big Mountain seeds growing. I had reseeded some of my seed flat since somethings were not popping up. Parsley was one that I reseeded a few seeds and they appeared the next day. Now I have around 4 parsley seedlings. I'm still wishing the Delphinium would pop up, but nothing. I reseeded some gazania and got a sprout about to pop out of the dirt. There was a gazania seedling before but something happened to it and it didn't make it for very long.

grape hyacinth
Peaking out of the foliage.

My Grape Hyacinths are getting ready to put on a great show. Some are showing some of their blooms already and others are just peaking out of their foliage. The ones I planted in the bowl for forcing aren't showing anything yet. I'm just guess their timers for blooming got set back from not having adequate light inside. Maybe they will put on a show after the others have started up.

grape hyacinth
Good Morning plants! Keep growing!


The Home and Garden Show 2-23-08

home and garden show
The Home and Garden Show that was held at the Alamodome on 2-23-08

Be warned this will probably be a long post with many many many images.

I heard from my classmates that this was coming up on the weekend. They said that the one held at the alamodome is always better then the one that was held the week before. The previous home and garden show I didn't go to but heard many said it wasn't that great, mostly infomercial products. Since me and my husband had no other plans for Saturday I dragged him along.

Waterfall Display

Excuse the blurry bad photographs. My camera was not working with me and I didn't want to fiddle around with the settings to see what would work better. When I entered there were pianos that played themselves. I love that because who doesn't love piano music especially when you don't know how to play the piano. The first thing I saw were pitcher plants. Everyone was buying the pitcher plants. Now I'm not a fan they look weird to me, no thanks. There was a large sand sculpture at the entrance by the both selling pitcher plants. I was expecting something more but it looked like they didn't have enough to time to finish the piece. And it was a typical castle made out of sand with some weird spongy textured thing on one wall. But it wasn't very detailed. I'm picky can you tell. I'd rather have seen a sculpture of something else like an animal a plant something but a castle. Next I went straight to the landscape displays. These were also less then exciting. This waterfall was the best looking one that actually used different plants from others.

Another landscape waterfall display

Like I said the few landscape displays their were, were all very similar. They had a waterfall or water feature with the exact same plants with maybe a few new ones tossed in. And the plants looked like they hadn't been watered. There were pansies, bougainvillea, some purple thing, some grassy things. I guess I'm hard to please. I was looking for maybe some container displays, maybe a pergola with a bench underneath and different plant arrangements. But none of that.


I'm not sure why I go to these things because I'm not a fan of public crowded places. The people walk slow, aren't considerate of those around them, bunch of kids pushing me, booth people trying to give me their card when I have no interest in vinyl siding...etc. I get very overwhelmed and cranky at these indoor group gatherings. I couldn't look at anything without people shoving me out of the way or not moving or being taller then my 5'2" self therefore me not being able to see. Trust me I walked very fast through the building just glancing at things to see if anything caught my eye. None of the products really did because I didn't come for housing products and infomercial items I wanted to see gardening stuff. And there wasn't much of any gardening booths at all.

Orchids at Calloways Nursery Booth
A Bromeliad at Calloways Nursery Booth

I like Calloways nursery booth with all their great looking plants. The orchids were pretty as orchids always are. My husband pointed at them and smiled saying he really likes those why don't I grow them .Well when I gave him an orchid for him to care for...he didn't and it died. So next time I get an orchid I won't let him take care of it. Then I'll just tell him it's his but really it's mine because I'm keeping it alive. And that is assuming I can keep an orchid alive. There were other plants at this booth that I wanted to take pictures of. I encountered the same problem that I was having with every other booth. People stand in my way. A family of 5-6 when only 1 person wants to look at the thing but everyone and their kids follows behind them then stands there. They don't move when I tell them excuse me or try to reach over for a plant and of course their kid is under my feet and not anywhere by their parents. I love kids really I do I just wish they had more manners now a days and weren't in this dream world of being the only thing around and not being anywhere near their parents. If I had a kid, it would be next to me 24/7 at public places where it couldn't get kidnapped or cause trouble.

A flowering Azalea bonsai
ficus bonsai
A Ficus bonsai
Another bonsai that I don't know what kind of tree/bush it is
large bonsai
An extremely large bonsai.

I finally found a booth that I really liked with hardly anyone there. The bonsai booth was great. I don't remember who the organization or store was that had this booth because I was too busy looking at the bonsai. There was a cute little blooming azalea bonsai. The blooms matched the tablecloth which I thought was interesting. Then there was the funky ficus bonsai. My husband made fun of me when I said "Oh look a ficus bonsai". He told me "If it didn't have a tag on it would you know it was a ficus". He's mean and doesn't believe I know what a ficus bonsai looks like. Boo hoo. My favorite and my husbands favorite was the bonsai in the cresent pot. It had a nice shape and texture and well an interesting pot. Then there was a super large bonsai. I saw it and went OOOO. It had a wonderful large trunk that was awesomely shaped. I couldn't get a non blurry pic of it to save my life.

We walked around the area some more trying to see if I missed anything. I saw a booth that was advertising a pet fence that had a huge mastiff dog there. Then there was the Animal Defense League that had some puppies running around in a pen. After looking at dogs we went down the isle of food and random stuff mixed it. There was a bunch of jams and jellies, jerky, natural spaghetti, BBQ sauces, and dips. I didn't try any of that just wanted to go home by that time. That was when on my way walking out my husband heard that there was going to be a birds of prey show. So he stopped me to tell me since I clearly didn't hear. He knows I like birds of prey and so does he. I don't know the names of them or how to identify them. I love seeing them and am always looking around when we go outside to see if I spot anything. I took a class in highschool about birds and we had a project on a bird of prey we were given. We would go outside and looking for our bird of prey or any others. I had the Osprey and know how to spot that one. Ospreys I believe are not down in Texas. My Osprey sighting skills are no use down here.


First the demonstration started with the speaker saying how we should all be more aware of nature and our surroundings.How many people can't name 3 types of bird of prey, grass, plants, tress or whatever else but can name many man made things. He continued with how we should educate ourselves about nature because we are animals too. Then he went on to talk about hunters. We are hunters and hunting is okay if we hunt to eat and use what we can and give back what we don't use. There is a difference between hunting and murdering. This presentation was held by Last Chance Forever a Bird Of Prey Conservatory. It's a non profit service that takes in hurt birds of prey and nurtures them back to health. The speaker showed us how to identify different birds of prey. Which is basically by their features. Their most different feature are their wings.

Hawk Number 1

Two different hawks were brought out to show the difference and the similarities. The first hawk flew over the audience a few times. There were two assistants that were standing on either side of the audience and the hawk would fly over us. It was wonderful to see and they fly very low to our heads. One women almost got hit in the face with the hawks wing and so did I.

Hawk Number 2

I really hope I remember right and that these were both hawks. I could be wrong I wasn't paying attention too much because I was getting ADD. The second hawk came out and was larger then the first. I don't think they had this one fly over the audience. This hawk clearly wanted to get away. He kept on trying to escape and opening it's wings and trying to get it's foot out of the handlers grip. The speaker talked their eyesight and their hunting ability. He went on to show how the when he lifts his finger the darker hawk will see him as being threatening. The darker hawk started to squawk and look at the finger like get away. The speaker said how these birds that are trained still are wild. That if he tries to touch them they still don't want to be touched. So he tried to touch the darker hawk and of course the hawk dodged him. The speaker then went on to say that he'd let the hawk get it's guard down then try to touch it again. The hawk looked away and the speaker poked him on the back. The hawk looked clearly annoyed it had been touched and surprised.

The Falcon with a cap on
Falcon with no cap on.

The falcon then came out. The speaker talked about the history of the falconer and about the falcon. He said how falcons are easily spooked.

Barred Owl
Barred Owl

Next came out the owls. The speaker stated that many people can't name 3 owls and they are the hardest for people to identify. He said this because they are nocturnal so no one really sees them. I find that to be the opposite for me and I can name quite a few owls. To me they are the easiest to identify because they look very different or similar but different. I have a harder time with the hawks then with owls. First came out the barred owl. Very pretty with a barred pattern and very dark eyes. The speaker was able to get the owl to hoot and it was very cute.

The barred owl on the left and the horned owl on the right
horned owl
Horned Owl
horned owl
horned owl

Then the horned owl was brought out. Now the moment it came out it was looking straight up. It had apparently noticed some pigeons on the rafters and had it's eye on them. It took a while for it to get uninterested and look straight. The horned owl has yellow eyes and feather horns.
After the owls left the black vulture came out. I wasn't able to get a picture because after the owls tall people sat in front of me and I could no longer take pictures. After the vulture went away the speaker wanted to show how a bird of prey catches it's food. He spoke about how he normally does the demonstration with a rabbit but doesn't want to do that hear because the rabbit has no chance of escape and that is not fair. The dark hawk was then brought out and a lure with some food was used. The hawk was perched on the projector and the speaker teased him by dragging and flinging the lure but not letting the hawk catch it. Then he dragged it and let the hawk catch it. Next he did an air grab. He flung up a piece of food and the hawk flew and caught it in mid air. That was the end and it was great. Then they had the dark hawk and the horned owl out for those to see them up close, take photos and there was a donation box up front. Of course my husband donated like a good animal lover he is. I went and took photos like the animal lover I am.

All in all the event I didn't like but I did like the Birds of Prey presentation very much. I wasn't even aware that there was an organization to save birds of prey existed here. As you can tell I'm cranky around large crowds of people and sorry for those that have to read my rants.


Green Thumb Sunday Seedlings

osteospermum seedling
Osteospermum African Moon

Love seedlings more then anything about gardening. I check on my seed flat and other pots obsessively all day long. Already today I have check them about 5 times and I've only been awake for 4 hours. Those little sprouts of life captivate me in ways I can't explain. Seeing them grow one day to the next gets me even more excited for the next day. Yet it's always heartbreaking when I can't get seeds to grow. The first seedling I see from the batch of seeds I have sown gives me a great feeling. My husband never understand why I get so thrilled when I see a seed pop up. He especially doesn't understand why I must tell him and show him when he really doesn't care. I don't care if he doesn't care I'll show him and drag him to it anyways.

My one seedling of Osteospermum African Moon has got it's true leaves. There is another sprout about to pop out. The other 7 plugs of Osteospermum African Moon have no sign of growing. My thought is I planted the seeds to deep. I have plenty more seeds to plant of those though. There came bunches in the package more then any other seeds I have received. Maybe they just don't have a high germination rate which is why they provide so many in the package.

nemesia mello red and white seedlings
Nemesia Mello Red and White

My nemesia has one large seedling and 3 others starting to sprout up. They are slowing making there way up and maybe more will sprout soon. I'm surprised these sprouted at all really since they showed no signs for a few weeks. Now they are peaking their heads out of the soil. I really should have researched these before purchasing them because I'm not sure if they will do well in this weather. I'm still such a newbie and know that I really should read up more then just the zone that things live in. My balcony is a hot box gets SW sun pretty much all day. It really starts to sizzle by 1pm and most things I don't think will survive the heat. I'm always making an effort to look for things that are heat and drought tolerant. My containers dry up faster then I ever thought they would. I need to invest in some water retaining stuff to add to my containers so I don't have to water them 2 times a day or everyday. I don't mind though it just gives me an excuse to inspect my seedlings and plants.

gaillardia razzle dazzle mix seedling
Gaillardia Razzle Dazzle Mix Seedlings

Most of my 9 Gaillardia plugs in the flat have sprouted. As you can see there is even more then one per plug. I really should thin them out but I'm a wuss. I might just do it later when they are larger and actually plant those extra ones somewhere else. I can't bear to through out perfectly good seedlings. For my Herbaceous Plants class when we had to thin out our seedlings I knew I had a feeling to wait longer. But I went with what the teacher said and what everyone else did and thinned out my flat. Well the next week when I check on my seeds I only had 3 Laura Bush Petunias when I had many more before. I guess I didn't thin out the strongest one. I suspect that it was more the lack of water my flat gets because the caretakers don't water mine enough. Sad.

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Grape Hyacinths and more...

grape hyacinth
Grape Hyacinths

Recently I complained that my Grape Hyacinths (muscari armeniacum) had no signs of flowers yet just foliage. Well yesterday while inspecting seedlings up close and personal I saw the signs! Quite a few of my Grape Hyacinths have the flower scape peaking up out of the center of their foliage. I purchased these in November or December maybe even Jaunuar I really don't remember. I got them on sale at lowes. Purchase them to force inside but had so many that I planted tons in any free space in my pots that I had. So I have tons of grape hyacinths to enjoy. The photo above are grape hyacinths I planted for forcing inside but put outside to receive more light. I never realized my apartment didn't receive that much light until these started yellow at the ends.

Muscari armeniacum (Grape Hyacinth)
4-8 inches tall
deep cobalt blooms
flowers in mid spring
attracts bees
Great for indoor forcing, borders, cut flowers, rockgardens, beds, borders, and under shrubs and trees.

There are different varieties of Muscari armeniacum. There are the muscari armeniacum which is cobalt blue also the one normally called Grape Hyacinth. Album is white, Blue Spike has double florets and is flax blue, Cantab is sky blue with a slightly larger bloom, and Fantasy Creations double flowers with blue blooms that gain green with maturity. These are all fragrant.

There are over 30 different species of Muscari.

Today I have an interview/meeting to more then likely get started doing merchandising for a large wholesale nursery. Well the merchandising is at home depots I believe and lowes and those other stores. This is only for the spring. After the spring in May I'll start an internship and that I'm more than positive is a sure thing.

After my meeting when my husband gets home we'll be going to the Home and Garden show at the Alamodome. I'll be bringing my camera in hopes of great things to photograph.


Hyacinth Woodstock

hyacinths woodstock
Hyacinth Woodstock

My hyacinth woodstock looks like it should be blooming soon. I orginally bought these to force indoors. The container I had didn't fit all the bulbs so half went outside. I planted 3 inside and 3 outside. The other one outside is in another container and is not as large as these. The ones inside are outside right now getting some sun.

hyacinth woodstock
Photo from www.dutchgardens.com

Woodstock Hyacinth is a fragrant hyacinth with burgundy purple blooms. Some vary from a deeper wine purple red to a light reddish purple. They grow 8-12" high and can be grown in sun to partial shade. This hyacinth would be great for forcing indoors with the wonderful fragrance. I can't wait to smell it when mine bloom. The Woodstock Hyacinth is also good for containers and borders. They are deer and rabbit resistant. Their blooms last 3-4 weeks in mid spring.


What is going on?

Amaryllis bottom of leaves.

I posted about how my Minerva Amaryllis has not bloomed yet. Then I noticed that the bottom of it has this purplish red tint. This didn't used to be there and just recently appeared. Now is this normal? Or is my Amaryllis lacking some nutrients that I'm not aware off. I slack off on feeding my Amaryllis, it's just always forgotten. When I attended a meeting for the Texas Nursery and Landscape Associate for my herbaceous plants class the speaker mentioned a purple tinge being lack of phosphorous. If anyone knows if this is normal do tell.

close up

Today while I was potting some seedlings that I've had in peat pots for awhile I discovered something. ANTS!!! There was one pot when I picked it up a ton of little ants were everywhere underneath it. I'm horrified. Do ants cause harm to plants. I have no idea if these are fire ants either because I have had a few stings in the past and had no idea how I got them. I wonder what I can do to get rid of them. I read briefly online of some natural remedies but I am skeptical. For one I've read that mint repels ants. I have two mints. One is spearmint and the other chocolate mint. The chocolate mint is always infested with ants and aphids. I'll spray it with some water and soap they will disappear for a day or two then come back. I love mint and wish I could plant a million pots of it but I don't want only mint plants on my balcony. I've never tried infusing mint in the water and watering my plants that way to get rid of the ants. I have a dog so anything natural is a very big plus. If I spray something on the plants I'm sure she will lick it or eat it when I am not looking. She has been known to nibble on certain plants. She loves to sniff the lemon balm and the chocolate mint but then will lick them.

I'm thinking of getting rid of the chocolate mint. I'm tired of spraying it every other day for aphids. It's the only plant on my balcony really giving me a hard time. I looked everywhere for that chocolate mint and was so happy to find it. Now I'd be so happy to get rid of the aphids it has that I just want to toss it out. No matter how good it smells darn it!


Wordless Wednesday

Fern Groto SABOT
I wish my walls looked like this.


Plants with Problems

Corkscrew Vine
Corkscrew Vine

It seems I will never have luck with the Corkscrew Vine. I was so very happy with how my seedlings had grown compared to the other time I had tried. Now the leaves are turning pale and there are brown spots on them. I really need to learn more about plant illnesses so I can figure out what is wrong. At first I was thinking my Corkscrew Vine wasn't receive enough light being inside. I potted it in a bigger pot last week and the leaves have gotten pale. When I compare it to the other Corkscrew Vine I have growing their leaves are way to yellow. I'm still so very surprised my previous Corkscrew Vine plant lived through the short winter and whatever illness it had. Now I have my sick Corkscrew Vine outside for it to decide what it wants to do with it's self. Hopefully it will make a comeback like the other one did.

Corkscrew Vine
My other Corkscrew Vine. These were sick last year and completely lost all their leaves. I potted them in a new pot with more perlite to better aerate the soil. Now they are growing and looking rather healthy.

My Minerva Amaryllis still not blooming.

Now this isn't really a sick plant but just one that refuses to bloom for me. My Minerva Amaryllis I got and planted way back in November. Other bloggers have already had blooms and mine has not. All I have are leaves and a baby amaryllis that magically grew. It was quite for a while and nothing happened. Then last week a new leaf for both momma and baby appeared. But blooms where are they? I think I may be missing something that I'm supposed to do. Or my amaryllis just hates me and wants to be leaves with no flowers.


Green Thumb Sunday

Seedlings of either phlox or dusty miller

I planted some seeds of Phlox "Phlox of Sheep" and Dusty Miller a week back. There are little seedlings popping up now. Not sure if it is the phlox or the dusty miller. I'm assuming the phlox for now because I think dusty miller is hard to grow from seeds. I could be wrong.

When I planted the seeds I had already put some grape hyacinths in the same planter. I thought by now the grape hyacinths would be blooming but they are taking their sweet time. I have a glass container where I put some grape hyacinths and they are much larger then the ones outside. I wonder if the depth that I planted them has made that difference. I'm hoping the combination will be okay with the grape hyacinths for now. If not it was a learning experience.


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