Recent Seed Order

I'm sorry for the lack of updates. Nothing much plant related has been going on. The weather has still be rather warm. We finally did have our first frost. Nothing really got damaged though besides the hibiscus and coral vine.

With the arrival of seed catalogs I have been marking down what I would love to have. Of course most of what I marked down I won't be getting. I purchase some seeds from Valueseeds. I had gotten seeds before from Thompson and Morgan but they can be a bit pricey. Value Seeds are seeds from Thompson and Morgan. So I love to get my seeds there for hardly anything and still get great seeds. Just on Saturday I receive my seeds. When I went back to see when I should plant them I was a little disappointed in some that I bought. Sometimes the excitement of getting seeds clouds my mind. Later when i think about it I feel like I should have picked other seeds instead. But oh well live and learn.

Delphinium Summer Blues
Delphinium Summer Blues

I'm happy that I picked these. I have a few blue blooming items like the muscari that I bought just a few weeks ago, the Columbine Blue Stars, campanula blue clips, and the Mt. Fuji morning glories. I can't wait to see these bloom.

myrtle spurge
Myrtle Spurge

These I wish I never bought. I didn't bother to read about them first before purchasing. It seems they can give you a bad skin irritation. And quit frankly I don't think them to be all that attractive looking. I guess I will keep these aside encase I change my mind or maybe do a trade with someone who loves these.

Gaillardia Razzle Dazzle

Gaillardias have been on my list. I am super happy to have these and can't wait to see them grow and bloom. One draw back is I like small plant... maybe because I am a small person. These are said to get 20 inches high. I know that might not be high for some but that sounds huge to me. I'll see I'm sure I'll love them even if they aren't petite.

Gazinia Kiss Rose

Oh I can't wait to see these. The colors look so beautiful in the picture! I'm starting to be a sucker for these shaped flowers. I used to not like these and prefer puffer shaped flowers but I'm opening my eyes to new things. Oh and these are naturally compact. I love when plants are compact, petite, and small. Means I can fit more of them on my balcony. The only thing is after looking at all the seeds I purchase I have a lot of pinks and oranges. I'm kind of wishing I had gotten the gazania talent instead.

Laurentia Blue Stars

These looks so pretty. Petite and tiny with fragrant "sky blue" flowers. I'll have to wait and see if they turn up sky blue fro me.

Nemesia Mello Red and White

These are one of the seeds I'm the most excited about that I purchased form this batch. They looks so lovely with the red tops and the white bottoms. I'm so excited!

Osteospernum African Moon

These are for sure the seeds I love the most. I have been looking for this type of color combination for 2008 and this shape flower. After I found the African Daisy Sunny Shelia I was on a mission to find something similar or at least peachy tipped. I was so pleasantly surprised to have found them for .99 cents when I wasn't even looking. Now if only I could find the black mondo grass. I did see dwarf mondo grass at lowes maybe I should go back and buy some.

Petunia Cascade Pink Orchid Mist

My passion for fluffy flowers will never die. I think these look stunning. Petunias were on my must have to try but I was leaning toward more towards the Petunia wave that was so popular. I wish I had also gotten the Petunia grandiflora Flambe Salmon those are such a pretty color.

Stock Tudor Tapestry

Lastly I got these Stock seeds. Yet another puffy flower in the pinks and reds family of color. These are supposed to have a fragrant spicy smell. Mmm can't wait.

Those where all that I purchased. I believe that these and my past purchase of morning glory split personality, big mountain parsley, bijou mix Sweet Pea, Silver Dust Dusty Miller, and Phlox of Sheep Phlox mix will be all I can purchase. I'm already struggling for room. I feel bad because a part of me wants some previous plants to die so I will have comfortable room for my new plants. Also I have the seedling in the peat pots that I will need to transplant when spring comes. Oh the woes of a balcony garden.


Wordless Wednesday

a rose
Rose from Botanical Gardens


Then and Now Minerva Amaryllis

I bought my Minerva Amaryllis at the beginning of October. It came as an amaryllis kit from Lowes. I have never had Amaryllises before so this is my very first. I can't wait to see it flower. When it does I think I might be addicted!

When I purchased this is what it looked like.

Newly planted Minerva Amaryllis

I waited so patiently think that it would burst into growth just as fast as the box said. Mine did not grow that fast.
late october amaryllis
This is what it looked like at the beginning of November.

Still patiently waiting for the amaryllis to grow at the beginning of November. I was getting very suspicious of a dud or an error on my part. It had become far greener. I was so curious one day I took the bulb out to see if it had even grown roots. It had just a few.

amaryllis growth
Finally November 16 there is some growth.

Higher and Higher
December 1st I can clearly see it is growing!

Today what a burst
This was taken today! Look how much it has grown. That is not all this amaryllis has a surprise.
Two Amaryllis
That is right a little one is sprouting next to it. I only had one bulb with no offset. So I was surprised to see a little one next to it. The little one has been growing right along with the bigger Amaryllis.


Wordless Wednesday


Sorry for the lack of posts. I've received a new job and am trying to everything college related out of the way.