Foliage and The Attack of the Mushrooms

What's with all the mushrooms?

Yesterday and today I have picked out over 12 mushrooms. They are everywhere in my containers. I believe the soil conditioner has mushroom spores in it. Now they are coming out all over the place. They day after a day or two anyway. I'm just so frustrated with them today having popped up in all my new containers.


I'm not positive but I pretty sure they don't harm anything at all. I know plucking them out won't get rid of them but oh well. They are interesting to see I guess.

Amaryllis Minerva pushing out new leaves.

snake plant
The snake plant pushing out new leaves. Slowly but surely I'm getting more leaves. Maybe next year I'll have a huge snake plant like others I see around.

My Amaryllis is still making leaves non stop. I just discovered these new leaves yesterday. I wonder how many more the Amaryllis will make before it needs to rest.

corkscrew vine
The corkscrew vine has started to climb it's way up!

Juanita Hatten Bougainvillea making a comeback. It's been growing fast over the past week. Soon it should be large and in charge again.


Green Thumb Sunday: I've got Buds!

dianthus pinocchio
Dianthus barbatus Pinocchio Mix has buds.

Many of my plants are in bud. This makes me very happy because I've had hardly any flowers on my balcony. For Garden Bloggers Bloom Day this month I'll hopefully have plenty of flowers to show.

Hibiscus Rose with many buds.

The Hibiscus Rose has many buds. There are about 5 and all at the same stage. These pictures above are taken on different days. The buds are about to open any day now maybe in two days. They might just bloom way before GBBD but I'll be taking pictures and count them anyways.

sweet william
Sweet William tall double flowering mix with buds

The sweet william are looking like they will have some blooms soon. I'm excited about these since I've been waiting for a while to see them. I'm still so surprised I got some seeds to germinate at all.

Pansy corso mix bud.

This pansy has actually opened today. It seems whenever I buy a mix plant either seeds or the actual plant...I really don't get a mix. The only one that I really did get a mix was the candytuft. Maybe when the other ones bring out blooms they will be a different color. So far they have been blue but still beautiful. I love blue anyways so I can't complain.

evening primrose
evening primrose
Evening Primrose Buds

My evening Primrose has been packing on the buds for the past week or two. There are about 4 or 5 that are enlarged and ready to burst. Then there are around 8 little ones dangling and waiting for their turn. I just love love the evening primrose blooms. Seeing them on the side of the road in masses makes my heart flutter. These might be a weed/wildflower but I would love a large part of my garden to have them. Who cares if they take over it wouldn't bug me at all. I say this not having a yard. They probably would bug me if they took over at least until they all bloomed.

corkscrew vine
corkscrew vine
Corkscrew Vine is starting to climb.

Okay, this is not a bud but still just as exciting. The other corkscrew vine has finally started to vine and reach up. So now I get to weave this one up and over to the right to meet the other corkscrew vine that has been climbing for month. I do hope these flowers! I can't wait to see the snail shaped blooms in their great purple cream and white color. Maybe I might even get seeds from them. I won't get my hopes up on the seeds though.

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Take A Look At My Nook Continued

left side
Left side of my balcony garden.

Last post I wrote about the right side of my balcony. Now it's time to see my left side. It doesn't have nearly as many plants as the right side does. The storage closet makes it difficult to pack in all the plants. It's the only corner/side I get some shade for part of the day. This is where I put plants that will fry on the other side. There is a downside to the left side besides the storage closet. The left side is where my glass sliding door is. The glass can really reflect the sun and sometimes makes it even harder to have plants live in front of the glass.

lower left
Lower left corner of my balcony

The lower left corner has the wanna-be bonsais and the plants that can burn or I just stick there just because. This corner doesn't change much at all. It changed yesterday and got some new transplants and a plant repotted. It got some seeds, lost a bonsai, and gained a plant in the course of a month. Even though this is my "shade" corner it really doesn't get much shade at all. My maiden fern does suffer here once winter fades away.

lower left

Starting on the left are some Stock seedlings that were transplanted from their other pot. It was getting too crowded for them in their old pot. I thought a new pot and plant in this area would be nice. Behind that is what used to be the variegated dracaena. I left it outside during the winter and don't think it lived. It's said to be a houseplant but the women who gave it to me had it outside but on her covered porch. I don't have a covered porch. Also in the pot with the maybe dead dracaena are some devil's backbone. The old women gave me the whole pot. The devil's backbone I think it's rather past it's prime and could possibly be thrown out. I'm just seeing how it fairs for the next month or two. In front of that pot is the snake plant. These are doing great and new leaves are coming up every few weeks. On the table starting in the back is the Weeping Dwarf Crape Myrtle Sacramento. The crape myrtle is doing wonderful I'm so excited about it. In front to the left is a peat pot with a hyacinth seed in there that will hopefully grow. The two bonsai pots next to the peat pot have myrtle spurge seeds. There are a few seedlings of myrtle spurge starting to come out. I'll show you the seedling later in the post. The last bonsai pot on the table has the Jacqueline Hillier Elm which I'm not sure made it through the winter. It was starting to get new leaves in November and since then lost it's leaves and hasn't had any signs of new growth. I can only hope it comes back like the Crape Myrtle did. To the right of the table in the back is the newly repotted Hibiscus Rose. It has about 4 buds that should be opening up at the same time in the next few days. It's be great to have more then one bloom open at the same time. In front of the hibiscus to the left is a black pot with the knotweed (it's been trimmed recently...it got really roughed up), snake plant, and some unknown green plant that hasn't really grown. The last pot has the ferns it in. Right now the Boston Fern is doing good. I think the Boston Fern does better on my balcony then the maiden fern. As you can see the maiden fern is brown on the edges. Just a month or two ago the maiden fern was lush and green. Now that it got hotter and the sun has gotten stronger it's not doing well. There are baby ferns that are very slowly growing.

upper left
Upper left corner of my balcony garden.

Lastly the upper left corner. This corner also doesn't change much. It hasn't changed in many months now. The last addition to this area was the snapdragon. Before the snap dragon nothing much had changed. When I got these plants and pots this was the first place I put them and the place they stayed. This corner is the most lush corner is my opinion. It used to be the most unlush corner when it started. When I bought the plants they were tiny and so small. They quickly grew in no time.

upper left

Starting on the left side. The pot on the left contains the Dianthus Pinnochio Mix and the Dr Ruppel Clematis. The pot next to it contains the pink snapdragon. The last pot has Campanula blue clips (not doing well and is still so tiny), Columbine Star Blue and Allium Joystick Mix (which hasn't turned out to be a mix at all). There is also some lemon balm usually on this side but it's to the side of the photo. The lemon balm is infested with spider mites. The spider mites have gotten on the columbine. I'm finally going to throw the lemon balm out like I should have many months ago. I don't use the lemon balm for anything and I don't really like the smell. The scent of the lemon balm reminds me of mosquito repellent. That is not my favorite smell at all.

That's it for the left side of my balcony. Now you have seen it all. Not very exciting I know. It will grow out and be great soon. I'm awaiting for my vines to take over the metal railings. I have the one corkscrew vine that is spreading it's self fast on the right side. The other corkscrew vine just started to grow out little vines and is near the center rail to hopefully start were the other corkscrew vine may stop. I wouldn't be surprised if they overlap. That would be scary if the corkscrew vine did grow that big...it just might.

right side
The right side of my balcony with new pots and reorganized.

Since last post I have changed the right side. I told you it changes often. I'm constantly moving things when I get new seeds or plants. I moved some pots around like the corkscrew vine, the jasmine, the devils backbone and the evening primrose.

new pots
New Pots with transplants and seeds.

Some new pots moved in. I got the rectangular planters finally to put my parsley seedlings and dimorphotheca aurantica African Moon seedlings. I know they aren't spaced right and will get crowded soon but I just can't throw good seedling out. After all it's containers and things will be compact. The three little 4" pots have poppy venus, heavenly angels mix peony poppies, and lt blue mt fuji morning glory seeds in them. The large pot has English Lavender Dwarf Hidcote seeds in it. Now I get the thrill of looking for new spouts again.

myrtle spurge seedling
Myrtle Spurge Sprout

Speaking of new sprouts. Here is the Myrtle Spurge starting to peak it's head of the dirt. I'm glad that it sprouted even though I'm scared. Just not so sure I will like this plant. I guess I will never know if I don't try right?

godetia buds
Godetia buds!

I'm very surprised by this discovery. My godetia has buds! I will get to see blooms of this plant after all. I thought it wasn't doing well since all the lower leaves browned and just fell off. It looks to be doing well enough that it will flower. This was the only seed that sprouted after two tries from the same packet. There are even some seeds left for me to try again some day. I'll wait until after the blooms to see if it's worth finishing off the seed packet for maybe a lucky seed to sprout.

corkscrew vine climbing
Corkscrew vine making it's way up and to the left

Lastly I'll leave you with the beast of the balcony garden. I still can't believe this is the fasts largest growing thing I have right now. This corkscrew vine was the sickest plant I had just not to long ago. It had some mildew or something and all it's leaves fell off. Now it's climbing it's way up up up. The middle vine finally reached the second top bar. Now it is being wound to the left. The far left vine will get wound up the top bar. The far left vine will probably just get around the other bars...maybe. You can see I really didn't think it deeply about where I was going to wind these besides up and left. I'll figure something out I'm sure.

Sorry for the long post! There was just so much to say today.


The Best Day A Balcony Gardener Can Have

Today was the best day I could possibly have. I got my paycheck today. We all know what that means, right? Paycheck day means I get to go buy everything I have been meaning to buy for 2 weeks but had not money to buy. I made my list of all that I needed. The list consisted of many pots in different shapes and sizes but terra cotta color, fish emulsion, and seeds. I've been feeling like my balcony could use some more plants. My husband would not agree with that statement but he really doesn't care. It was a plan today to go to the park and walk around with Kasha our dog. On the way there I just wanted to pick up my garden items to save some gas.

First stop was Family Dollar. Now anyone that has one go check yours out for some nice plastic pots and hanging baskets. I got 2 small rectangular pots for $1 each and a square pot for $1 also. I should have gotten the other larger round pots that were $2 but I thought that the garden center had them cheaper (I was wrong). Left Family Dollar with 3 pots for $3 and a few cents.

Then to the garden center. I quickly ran in and headed to the pots. Sadly they only had three 4" plastic pots. I picked up the three 4" pots a 6" and 10". Then a 6" and two 4" but ceramic. Then over I ran to the fish emulsion, gah 8.99. I'm a cheapy that 8.99 seems expensive to me. I turned around to the other wall and quickly picked out seeds. I normally always get the Ferry Morse seeds just because they are cheaper. This time I got some Botanical Interest seeds also because they had some varieties I wanted and tons of information. I dislike Ferry Morse because they don't have really any information on the plant just how to plant them. It was nice to open the Botanical Interests seed packets and have tons of information on the inside that I could ever ask. I picked out my seeds and checked out. I'll tell you the seeds a little later in the post.

Off to the park we went. Me and my husband hadn't been to this park. I really wanted to go bike riding. Sadly my husbands car is out of commission for the moment. We always hook up the bike holder to his car because it scratches really badly and his car is old. My car is new 2005 and it will not get scratched. Anyways we went walking instead and brought Kasha with us. I was in a hurry because of her. She's not a fan of the car and squeaks and just is very uncomfortable. We walked for quite awhile. This has been the first time in a long while that my husband and I have gone to a park. When we lived in New Hampshire that is what we always did. We'd walk around and bike at the state parks. Sadly the ones here don't have beaches or lakes...at least not the ones close by. It was fun anyways without the water. Many trees and winding paths. There were tons of mountain laurels. I could smell them when they were coming up before I could even see them. My husband was uninterested of course. He'd yell at me to keep walking because I'd always stop to smell and admire the flowers when I saw one.

Now to my seed purchases. I know it's probably getting late to plant seeds here. That sounds strange since I know many people further north haven't been able to start all their seeds. Our last frost date is March 15-24 or somewhere around that. Many of the seed packets say sow how ever many weeks before last frost date...oh well. I'm sure it will be okay. If things don't work out well I'll learn from my mistakes.

lobelia crystal palace
Lobelia Crystal Palace

hare's tail
Hare's Tail Ornamental Grass

rock soapwort
Rock Soapwort

lavender dwarf hidcote
Lavender English Dwarf Hidcote

statice sinuata blend
Statice Sinuata Blend

Those were all the great seeds that I purchased. I needed some spreading plants and some tall plants for my containers. Even though I'm sure my containers will probably only be one plant each as they mostly always are. When I got home I went straight to planting and transplanting and repotting. I repotted the hibiscus. I had a feeling it was really root bound and I was right. This time I was patient and let it get used to my balcony before transplanting it right away. It was a struggle to get it out of it's container. After that I took out some stock seedlings from the stock and bijou sweet pea pot. There were too many in the container so I put 4 in a container of their own. Then the parsley big mountain and the dimorphotheca african moon were transplanted into their own rectangular pots. I planted some poppy venus and some heavenly angels mix peony poppy seeds in their own 4 inch containers. I put a seed of the lt blue mt fuji morning glory in a 4 inch pot since the others aren't really fairing well like I had hoped. The Lavender english dwarf hidcote went into it's own 6 inch pot. The rest of the seeds were planted in the tray that I have been growing seeds in. I had a caladium bulb that I bough a month or so ago. The caladium bulb was planted in the square planter and put right beside my computer. The ghost plants were thrown out since they were not doing well and I just didn't like them. The nice caladium is replacing the ugly ghost plants. Hopefully the caladium likes it's home by me and the computer.

What a busy day it was. I noticed that my myrtle spurge was starting to come up in one of the pots. Hopefully it comes up in the other pot too. No sign of the hyacinth bean coming up that I planted a few days ago after the spurge.


Weeping Dwarf Crape Myrtle Sacramento

crape myrtle
Weeping Dwarf Crape Myrtle "Sacramento". This is what it looks like now.

It's time to talk about my special tree. The Weeping Dwarf Crape Myrtle Sacramento. I bought it from a local nursery last year. It was purchased not because it was weeping or dwarf or a crape myrtle. I had plans to make it into a bonsai. Now as you can tell it did not work. The trunk overlaps so it can't work for a bonsai unless I cut one off. I just don't feel comfortable doing that right now. It may never become a bonsai but it'll still be my mini tree.

crape myrtle when purchased
What it looked like the day I bought it.

When I purchased the crape myrtle it looked beautiful. It was in bloom with great foliage. The nursery helper had told me it gets about 2-3ft. Now I had plans to keep it the size it was which is about 14 inches tall. I believe this was the first plant I got or one of the first. Being so inexperienced I didn't acclimate it to my blazing grill of a balcony. I went and purchased a wooden planter because I wanted something rectangular but not thin rectangular. The wooden planter was the only one I found that wasn't so slim. Then I went and found a stand/table to put it on. I even bought stain for the planter because I didn't like the color. All those items were bought the day after I bought the crape myrtle. Then I stained and waiting for it to dry. I then mixed my own soil. Which it wasn't what is recommended but thankfully I mixed and didn't just use the plan potting soil I had or the tree might be dead by now. So here is what I mixed...please do laugh at me. It was some potting soil and orchid mix...yep orchid mix. Orchid mix really is still good because it's just a bunch of chips and charcoal with other stuff. I had a good mix even though I wasn't potting an orchid.

crape myrtle
No more leaves.

Soon afterwards, probably a few weeks, all the leaves went goodbye. Now it wasn't time for that because all the other crape myrtles around me still had leaves and flowers. I didn't think much of it and just assumed oh transplant shock it should come back soon. It was bare for many many months, about half a year with no sign of life. I hung on to my crape myrtle and still watered it in hopes it was alive but just sleeping.

dwarf crape myrtle
Signs of Life.

At the beginning of march all my waiting paid off. I was wishing and hoping that it would still be alive. Around me I was paying attention to the other crape myrtles that were starting to get buds. I hadn't seen any on mine yet. They appeared soon, the signs of life. Some great buds popped out all over the tree. I was beyond excited as you can imagine. I had killed quite a few other plants on my balcony. To not have killed one of my first purchases is a miracle.

crape myrtle
Crape Myrtle now

It's now going strong and growing like crazy. I can't wait to see the flowers again.

crape myrtle


Wordless Wednesday And My 100th Post

Brugmansia at the Botanical Gardens 2007.

This happens to be my 100th post. Not so wordless but I had to say it.


Take A Look At My Nook

right side
Right side of my balcony.

Now all you readers I'm sure are dieing to see the big picture. I've been avoiding showing my balcony. I'm not sure why I just don't feel I've made the jungle I envisioned. Like I mentioned before I have many times just stuck plants where there is room in a container. Things look a bit different now. I'm always moving containers around so it never stays the same for too long. Let me show you the right side of my balcony. If you come out of my sliding screen door this will be on the right.

Here you see the big green planter. The green planter right in the middle contains many things and is always changing when things die. Right now it has dianthus tall double flowering mix, grape hyacinths, one hyacinth woodstock, a candytuft, phlox of sheep seedlings, and possibly dusty miller seedlings. Right in front is a tray with little pots most are plastic some are peat. There is the dieing sweet basil, the two dead coleus, and needpoint ivy in peat pots. In plastic pots there are dimorphotheca aurantica african moon, mt fuji morning glories and gaillardia razzle dazzle. In front of that tray is my seed tray that has parsley big mountain, laurentia, and more dimorphotheca aurantica african moon.

upper right corner
Upper right corner to the left of the large green planter.

This is the upper right corner of the balcony. Here to the left and in front of the large green planter in the orange pot is the cocktail vodka begonia. It likes this spot a lot. I had it somewhere else and it wasn't happy. To the left of the begonias in the large container in the corner is the juanita hatten bougainvillea. It doesn't look like much now but hopefully it will come back soon. In front of the bougainvillea are some daylilies..not sure what varieties any more, maybe cold harbor and windsor castle. In front of the daylilies in the black container is the unknown jasmine. I'm not sure if the jasmine would do well somewhere else. I haven't bothered to move the jasmine but maybe I should. To the left of the jasmine is the not fairing well two woodstock hyacinths, the thriving candytuft, and the not so well godetia. If front of that container is the evening primrose. No blooms on the primrose yet but there are many buds. Lastly to the right of the evening primrose container are the newly transplanted grape hyacinths. They were in a glass bowl and just weren't doing well. It was intended for them to be forced inside but I never brought them back in one day.

bottom right corner
The bottom right corner of my balcony to the right of the big green planter

Lastly my bottom right corner. Probably the corner I like the most. Things do fairly well here because they get sun but aren't blasted like the upper right corner. Lets start in the back. Right behind the white container and super large container hidden is the corkscrew vine. It's nicely climbing it's way up the railing. Pretty soon I'm going to have to make it go to the left. The white container has stock tudor tapesty and sweet pea bijou mix. To the right of that is the super big container in the corner with many dayliles. Each is a different variety of daylily I'll see which is which when/if they bloom. To the left of those two containers is the flowering pansy. In front of the pansies going left to right is mint, then corkscrew vine, then the minerva amaryllis. The large rectangular container has daylilies and grape hyacinths. To the left of the rectangular container is woodstock hyacinths in the glass vase (shame on me) and devils backbone (someone kindly found out what my mystery plant was). To the right of all of that are 3 little pots. 2 pots have gaillardia razzle dazzle seedlings and 1 has a grape hyacinth. There is another little pot hidden between the pansy and mint that has more grape hyacinths.

That is my right side. It contains the most of my plants. I know it's ugly I should have spared your eye. Nah I like my corner. It's my first spring so next year I'll know what to do better and actually plan. Sorry for all the misspelling and grammar mistakes I'm horrible at my own native language, english.


New Blooms and New Planted Seeds

hibiscus rose
Hibiscus Rose

Over the past few days some new blooms have been appearing. I previously showed the pansy and it's bloom bloom. I have been awaiting for the Hibiscus to bloom. There are several buds on the Hibiscus but one was really rearing to go. Today I awoke to a wonderful site. The Hibiscus had bloomed and I finally got to see what it's flower looks like. It is gorgeous and you can see. I never really inspected a hibiscus bloom up close. Very beautiful and I love the color. I noticed that many things that are bloom on that half of my balcony are the same pink color. The snapdragon, the armeria, and the Hibiscus all with pink blooms. That's a sign I need to chose other flower colors.

Armeria Joystick Mix

The Armeria is starting to bloom. I thought this was supposed to be a mix what happened? So much for that looks like I'll be getting mainly pink blooms. I've never seen an Armeria so didn't really know what to expect from the plant. The foliage is very interesting and grass like . The blooms so far look to be very interesting. I like them so far even though they aren't fully open in all their glory.

Spurge seeds planted
Myrtle Spurge seeds have been planted.

Since my peruvian myrtle died on me I had one empty bonsai pot and another one I got to use. Well I don't see myself ordering any little shohin size trees to try again any time soon so I might as well use the containers for something. With all the posts I have read lately about Myrtle Spurge/Donkeytail I just couldn't help myself. I had purchased seeds at the end of last year. After I got them I did really want to have the plant anymore. Now I'm re-convinced that I can live with it. I planted them in the bonsai pots and hope for the best. I have no idea if they will survive in these shallow pots but I'm sure I can always repot them later. Lets see if anything sprouts. Remember I have good luck with planting seeds in pots and not flats. Now I probably jinxed myself and nothing will grow from pots ever again.


New Discoveries on my Balcony GTS

The one Pansy Flower.

The Pansy has a flower. It is slowly opening up. My hubby is excited because these are "his" pansies. He picked out the seed packet but his first sow didn't work. I sowed him some more and here they are grown and starting to flower.

Bougainvillea sprout?

I really want to throw the Bougainvillea out. It died back this winter. I didn't bring it inside hoping that it would have done okay. For a few months I waited for some buds or something. Nothing happened so I scratched the bark and it was not green. I cut it back and was about to toss it till I saw this growth. Does this mean it is still alive and will grow well this year? Any Bougainvillea growers give me advice. To trash or to keep.

A mushroom

Next to the Bougainvillea growth I spotted something white. I couldn't tell what it was from where I was looking. So I touched it...it felt hard. I yanked it out and discovered it was a mushroom. For some reason I was excited and showed my husband and my dog. Then I went ahead and put it back in the pot. Yeah I'm not sure why I'm keeping it. It's my first mushroom give me a break.

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Oh No I've Been Tagged

Linda over at Garden Girl tagged me. I state 10 weird or random facts about me. Most of these facts my friends and family know. But since everyone online doesn't know me well they will be new to you. I'm supposed to tag 5 more bloggers after this to do the same. I won't because I swear every blog I read has already done it. So if you haven't been tagged and want to share please do.

1. I have two different colored eyebrows and eyelashes. My right eyebrow is blond/brown and so are my right eyelashes. My left eyebrow is black or dark brown and same for my right eyelashes. Not sure how this happened. None of my family members has this. I've never met anyone else that has had it.

2. I have a blond streak in my hair that I have had all my life. All natural not dyed. Not inherited either...at least not the blond. My grandfather who I never met (he died when I was very young) had blond hair with a few black streaks. Now I have met others with this but it hasn't been as obvious as mine. It gets really blond when summer comes and I wear my hair up.

3. I've never been stung my a bee. Never broken a single bone. Never came in contact with poison ivy. Never been to the emergency room. Never snowboarded or skied or surfed or tubed or rode on a sled even though I lived in New Hampshire for 10 years.

4. My parents were born in the Azores Islands. My sister and I were born in the USA. I can speak Portuguese but not fluently. I can read most of it and understand almost all of it but only if it's islander speak. If I watch the Portuguese channel I have a hard time with their accent. Now Brazilian I can only grasp a few words every few sentences. I'm really good at noticing if people are speaking Portuguese. There have been a few cartoons that I have caught it on like Family Guy.

5. I'm good at most art mediums except for pottery and graphic design. I was going for a degree in graphic design...how strange is that.

6. I rarely ever wear dresses, skirts, or shorts. I have leg image issues. I have muscular legs. Don't ask me how I got those because my mom, sis, and dad have chicken legs. What happened to me. I've always had muscular legs even though I'm a petite 5'2". Plus they are pale as a ghost.

7. I'm very food picky. I won't eat meat if it has fat on it. I don't like my food to touch the other unless I plan on mixing it together. Something can become unappetizing because of it's texture. I don't like to use the same utensil on different foods. Not a fan of red meat or fish. But I like pork cartilage.

8. I can eat a lot of fries, spaghetti and broccoli. When I was younger I never ate breakfast only 1 large meal a day and a few snacks after that meal. I would eat the same thing for about a year. One year and probably more than that I would come home from school and eat the biggest bowl of spaghetti with butter and Parmesan with a huge head of broccoli. I would still love to do that now. I could eat pasta and broccoli every day of my life.

9. I've never lived in the middle of the USA. I've lived in Texas, California, New Hampshire, Maine, and born in Connecticut.

10. I forget how to dive and swim if I don't do it for a long time.

I'm sure that bored you to death and made you hungry. I know I'm hungry now.


Reaching For the Sky

dr ruppel clematis
Dr Ruppel Clematis

My vines have been reaching for the sky and sun. Besides the reason that vines are my favorite I have been loving seeing them grow. They grow fast once they get going. Every day I can expect to see some new growth or some higher twining up. My Dr Ruppel Clematis has had more new growth very quickly. One day I look at it and say, "Man no growth?". The next day I say, "Wow when did that grow so much".

corkscrew vine
Corkscrew Vine climbing up and up.

The Corkscrew Vine has been working it's way up my balcony rails. Every day I have been twirling the vines around the bars. One vine has been going at it for about a week or more now. The other two it was a hassle to get them to hang on to the bar and not something else. The left vine wanted to twine around the grape hyacinths. The right vine wanted to twine around its self and center vine. Now I got all three on their bars going up. Eventually I remember that Vines like to twirl counter clock wise. After remember that nice piece of information the right vine finally stuck to where to the bar. Once they reach the top I'll start twining them to the left.