Ferns Are Sprouting

sprouting fern

To me my favorite sprouts so far are ferns. They have the most interesting way of growing. They come up as this little curled up ball. Then as they start to grow they start to unfurl. I love to see little fern sprouts it brings me lots of joy.

sprouting fern

I would love to know more about ferns. I've never been in the mind set to read about them and start to distinguish between the different kinds. For this reason I don't know what ferns I have. I received them from the old women I keep on talking about. She yanked out the fern she had in her front garden and another one she had. From that clump several new fern fronds have developed. I have had a hard time keeping them pretty looking. They start to crisp and brown at the edges now. Last month they looked great. Now that the sun and heat are coming back they aren't doing so well. I wish I had another place to put them in that didn't receive so much sun. The pot is in the corner of my balcony that doesn't get as much light as the rest. It's not enough shade I don't think. I've tried to mist them on the hot days to see if the humidity helps. I might just have to pot them indoors and stick them on my computer desk where the ghost plant succulent is. The ghost plant is not doing good and just looks horrid.

sprouting fern


Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Make them an umbrella. I am only half kidding, I've done it before myself.

Bonnie said...

I don't have any ferns but I have never had enough shade to grow them in a good spot where they wouldn't burn up in the summer. Asparagus fern is an exception but its not a true fern. But I just love some of the really dramatic ferns like the staghorn and the painted fern. They have some very pretty varieties at the Zilker Botanic garden- I'm sure they do at the SA Botanic garden as well.

Hey, thanks for visiting my blog. I'll add you on my Google reader list so I can see when you post and come back to read.

Bonnie said...

BTW, I hope you're coming up for Garden Blogger's Spring Fling Apr 5 in Austin.

GardenJoy4Me said...

I'm a fan of ferns big time and love to see other gardeners with them.
I have a Lady in Red .. that is stunning .. a lot of different Japanese ferns .. a Japanese Beech fern that looked gorgeous last year even in the dry conditions .. I love them all ! LOL

VP said...

I didn't used to like ferns at all. Then I discovered tree ferns in Australia and now I'm a big fan! I love the way the new shoots unfurl - it's more like an animal than a plant!

BTW - Happy birthday for tomorrow!

lintys said...

I love ferns. . . so pretty and delicate. They remind me of lace.

Aaron Jewett said...

Ferns are one of my favorite too, you should check out the Crocodyllus fern, Microsorium musifolium. My buddy has one on his blog you ca see it here : http://anotherfortpierceyard.blogspot.com/2008/02/crocodyllus-fern.html