New Blooms and New Planted Seeds

hibiscus rose
Hibiscus Rose

Over the past few days some new blooms have been appearing. I previously showed the pansy and it's bloom bloom. I have been awaiting for the Hibiscus to bloom. There are several buds on the Hibiscus but one was really rearing to go. Today I awoke to a wonderful site. The Hibiscus had bloomed and I finally got to see what it's flower looks like. It is gorgeous and you can see. I never really inspected a hibiscus bloom up close. Very beautiful and I love the color. I noticed that many things that are bloom on that half of my balcony are the same pink color. The snapdragon, the armeria, and the Hibiscus all with pink blooms. That's a sign I need to chose other flower colors.

Armeria Joystick Mix

The Armeria is starting to bloom. I thought this was supposed to be a mix what happened? So much for that looks like I'll be getting mainly pink blooms. I've never seen an Armeria so didn't really know what to expect from the plant. The foliage is very interesting and grass like . The blooms so far look to be very interesting. I like them so far even though they aren't fully open in all their glory.

Spurge seeds planted
Myrtle Spurge seeds have been planted.

Since my peruvian myrtle died on me I had one empty bonsai pot and another one I got to use. Well I don't see myself ordering any little shohin size trees to try again any time soon so I might as well use the containers for something. With all the posts I have read lately about Myrtle Spurge/Donkeytail I just couldn't help myself. I had purchased seeds at the end of last year. After I got them I did really want to have the plant anymore. Now I'm re-convinced that I can live with it. I planted them in the bonsai pots and hope for the best. I have no idea if they will survive in these shallow pots but I'm sure I can always repot them later. Lets see if anything sprouts. Remember I have good luck with planting seeds in pots and not flats. Now I probably jinxed myself and nothing will grow from pots ever again.


Cinj said...

Beautiful blooms. I sure wish we had some blooms around here.

Sue Swift said...

I had to Google myrtle spurge to find out what it was. I can see why you're not convinced. it looks a bit like a plant I've got which I've always thought was a sedum, but which I've recently been suspecting just might be a Euphorbia. It's coming into flower now, so I'll post a photo soon and you can tell me what you think !

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Awesome Hibiscus, Vanilla. The flowers are quite nice when viewed up close. I think they only last a day or two so enjoy them while you can.

Anna said...

Well I'm jealous cause I can't grow hibiscus. I know when we get them in at the nursery--they go like wild fires. So someone is having luck with them. I tried perennial hibiscus last year and it did well for me. Those big flowers make such a statement.

Vanillalotus said...

Cinj- Thank you. I know I'm very lucky to have blooms at this time of year. But the south gives that gift but then brings the sweltering heat.

Sue- I'll be sure to look at your post. I'm not sure if I will like it. I was glad to find out though that it is not really large. For some reason I though it was bigger but it says to get up to 5".

Digital flower pictures- Thank you. I'm not sure how long they last but I have other buds so I will get to see more soon.

Anna-Dont be jealous I'm sure you have things I cant plant because of the heat and humidity here. I'm learning a lot from work lately about how many things don't do well here because of the heat and humidity. But that makes it tough for me to suggest plants to people when they all don't live long here.

lisa said...

Well good luck with your spurge, and I'm relieved to see somebody else having "bonsai problems" ;-)

Vanillalotus said...

lisa- I think everyone that starts bonsai will have bonsai problems. I should have brought mine inside or waiting for them to get adapted to the blazing sun on my balcony. I remember reading in one of my books that you shouldn't even plant your bonsai tree into a bonsai pot for a while. Not sure though because I haven't read those books in months and just kind of tossed everything out the door and said I'll do it my way for now.