Clematis Surprise and Reaching Corkscrew

Dr. Ruppel Clematis

Peek-a-Boo! Yesterday when I was examining my clematis for new growth this is what I found. I was wondering why nothing new had grown recently. It had been growing just not where I could see. The clematis is coming out from the dianthus pinnochio mix. It was a nice surprise to find and assures me it likes it's home.

Corkscrew Vine reaching up

I'm been mesmerized with my corkscrew vine. It is finally starting to look like a vine now. The vines keep on trying to twirl into each other and I keep separating them and trying to stick them onto the bars. They got a little frost bitten on the weekend. The leaves got a bit tattered and the tips of the vines. It didn't effect them because they are still happily growing up and up. I do hope they continue this way. The corkscrew vine is my balcony garden weakling. It's been hard to get this one healthy after a battle with some sickness. My other corkscrew vines are having issues and don't seem to want to green up. They are pale and I'm not sure what is wrong. Maybe I just need to fertilize them. I'll just let nature take it's course like it did with these now green and growing ones.


vbdb said...

Clematis and camellias are on my list of "add to the garden this year". Thanks for the inspiration.

Anna said...

You are going to be in twining glory soon. Will your balcony hold all that action? With all you got going on--it's going to stop traffic. It looks fun!