I got you!

bee on my grape hyacinth
Bee on my grape hyacinth

Everyday I see this bee or other bees that look like this bee on my grape hyacinth. Everyday I rush out with my camera to take a picture. And everyday the bee flies away before I can take a picture. Finally I was able to get the bee when it least expected it. The bee sees me and flies away. Instead of giving up I waited for it to come back. It did come back and I took a picture before I knew what hit him. You can't outsmart me bee even though you can make honey and I can't. Lets not mention that you can fly and I can't.


GardenJoy4Me said...

That is what usuallyhappens to me .. I go get the camera and no body is there anymore !
Big Sigh !
Great picture !

Anonymous said...

I had three bee's :) that come to my bird bath all last summer, that's all-three. One came this morning hooray! I worry where they all are with Bt corn pollen and all the genetic testing with plants! I think the pollen killed a majority or bees! Well to a healthier year!

Annie in Austin said...

There are lots of bees on the rosemary plants but all I get are out-of-focus photos...you're much better at it, Vanillalotus~

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Nothing can be more frustrating than trying insect photos (unless your dog is trying to eat the flowers ;) ). I always wish I had a bigger lens. My co-workers were getting a big kick out of me trying to photograph a Butterfly last summer. It just wouldn't cooperate.

You have been posting some nice pictures.

Crafty Gardener said...

it is hard to get a great photo of insects on flowers. They always seem to flit off right as I push the button on the camera. You did a great job.