Reaching For the Sky

dr ruppel clematis
Dr Ruppel Clematis

My vines have been reaching for the sky and sun. Besides the reason that vines are my favorite I have been loving seeing them grow. They grow fast once they get going. Every day I can expect to see some new growth or some higher twining up. My Dr Ruppel Clematis has had more new growth very quickly. One day I look at it and say, "Man no growth?". The next day I say, "Wow when did that grow so much".

corkscrew vine
Corkscrew Vine climbing up and up.

The Corkscrew Vine has been working it's way up my balcony rails. Every day I have been twirling the vines around the bars. One vine has been going at it for about a week or more now. The other two it was a hassle to get them to hang on to the bar and not something else. The left vine wanted to twine around the grape hyacinths. The right vine wanted to twine around its self and center vine. Now I got all three on their bars going up. Eventually I remember that Vines like to twirl counter clock wise. After remember that nice piece of information the right vine finally stuck to where to the bar. Once they reach the top I'll start twining them to the left.


Katarina i Kullavik said...

I just love clematis! This year, I'm planning on buying some new varieties and use them as ground cover in my borders. Have you tried that?
Happy Easter! /Katarina

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi there !
I get really excited when another gardener has a plant that I have ! I have Dr. Rupple and it is a beauty! .. I have it on a round arching arbor and wow .. the flowers are amazing. So I know you will love it too !

Vanillalotus said...

Katarina-I haven't tried clematis as borders. This is actually my first clematis. I've never gardened in an actual yard only my balcony. I've never seen clematis as borders but do tell me how it works out! Happy easter to you too.

Joy- I know what you mean. I feel like I have far too normal plants compared to other garden bloggers that I read. Do tell me how yours does this year. I'm sure mine won't do as well being in a small container. I didn't think of what size container I would need for it later on. I'm sure I will like it if you do Joy.

Anna said...

Sprout! All this great knowledge you are gaining from balcony gardening is going to help you so much when you do get stationed elsewhere. Good thing you can cut those back and take them with you. You taught me something today. I had no clue that twining vines grew counter clockwise. Very cool!!

Anonymous said...

I see the metal railing you were referring to my blog. Clematis is a great idea! I see that you are pursuing a degree in Landscape and Horticulture. Sometimes I wish I would have done that. Good luck!