Oh No I've Been Tagged

Linda over at Garden Girl tagged me. I state 10 weird or random facts about me. Most of these facts my friends and family know. But since everyone online doesn't know me well they will be new to you. I'm supposed to tag 5 more bloggers after this to do the same. I won't because I swear every blog I read has already done it. So if you haven't been tagged and want to share please do.

1. I have two different colored eyebrows and eyelashes. My right eyebrow is blond/brown and so are my right eyelashes. My left eyebrow is black or dark brown and same for my right eyelashes. Not sure how this happened. None of my family members has this. I've never met anyone else that has had it.

2. I have a blond streak in my hair that I have had all my life. All natural not dyed. Not inherited either...at least not the blond. My grandfather who I never met (he died when I was very young) had blond hair with a few black streaks. Now I have met others with this but it hasn't been as obvious as mine. It gets really blond when summer comes and I wear my hair up.

3. I've never been stung my a bee. Never broken a single bone. Never came in contact with poison ivy. Never been to the emergency room. Never snowboarded or skied or surfed or tubed or rode on a sled even though I lived in New Hampshire for 10 years.

4. My parents were born in the Azores Islands. My sister and I were born in the USA. I can speak Portuguese but not fluently. I can read most of it and understand almost all of it but only if it's islander speak. If I watch the Portuguese channel I have a hard time with their accent. Now Brazilian I can only grasp a few words every few sentences. I'm really good at noticing if people are speaking Portuguese. There have been a few cartoons that I have caught it on like Family Guy.

5. I'm good at most art mediums except for pottery and graphic design. I was going for a degree in graphic design...how strange is that.

6. I rarely ever wear dresses, skirts, or shorts. I have leg image issues. I have muscular legs. Don't ask me how I got those because my mom, sis, and dad have chicken legs. What happened to me. I've always had muscular legs even though I'm a petite 5'2". Plus they are pale as a ghost.

7. I'm very food picky. I won't eat meat if it has fat on it. I don't like my food to touch the other unless I plan on mixing it together. Something can become unappetizing because of it's texture. I don't like to use the same utensil on different foods. Not a fan of red meat or fish. But I like pork cartilage.

8. I can eat a lot of fries, spaghetti and broccoli. When I was younger I never ate breakfast only 1 large meal a day and a few snacks after that meal. I would eat the same thing for about a year. One year and probably more than that I would come home from school and eat the biggest bowl of spaghetti with butter and Parmesan with a huge head of broccoli. I would still love to do that now. I could eat pasta and broccoli every day of my life.

9. I've never lived in the middle of the USA. I've lived in Texas, California, New Hampshire, Maine, and born in Connecticut.

10. I forget how to dive and swim if I don't do it for a long time.

I'm sure that bored you to death and made you hungry. I know I'm hungry now.


rusty in miami said...

I lived in Southern Connecticut for 12 years; I did high school and two years of college before moving to Florida. I don’t have good memories of that time.

Cinj said...

Fun facts! I've never lived anywhere NOT in the middle of the country. Minnesota, Iowa, and Wisconsin. I guess you could say I don't stray too far from home!

Anonymous said...

Your food habits remind me of my sons. That made me giggle. He too loves his brocoli and god forbid his food touches another food on his plate:). I really think you must go tubing...extremely fun!

garden girl said...

Ten interesting facts! Thanks for sharing and for playing Priscilla. I think lots of those things are really neat, unique facts about you.

You've been lucky to be so healthy and not accident-prone. It's cool that you know more than one language. I don't know much about the Azores, but I've thought it sounded like a romantic place. I don't know Portuguese, but I think it's a beautiful language.

Your pickiness reminds me of one of my daughters. She did not like broccoli when she was younger, but she does like it now. You didn't bore me at all. I think you're an interesting person. But you did make me hungry. Broccoli and pasta, a little olive oil or butter and some fresh parmesan. . . I could go for some of that right now!

Jim/ArtofGardening said...

You are a freak. And not just for the broccoli thing. Now I'm dying to see your eyes! After all, I've now seen your husband's pansy.

Graphic design isn't hard to be good at. If I can do it, almost anyone can.

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Ah that explains it. You are a Connecticut girl ;)

Anna said...

Yes, that was interesting!! If you already know one language then you should be able to learn others too. Or at least that's what I've been told. I speak southern and bad English--lol. You know what?--you'll grow out of a lot of your weird eating habits and develop new ones. You'll get up on day and crave hot dogs with chocolate syrup or some such weird thing as that. Lately--I'm on a oatmeal kick. You knew that already but it's weird too.

lisa said...

Very cool and interesting facts! And you're right-I am hungry! :)