Green Thumb Sunday

Sprouts of Phlox or Dusty Miller

My seedlings are growing and everyday new ones appear. I planted a mix of phlox and dusty miller in this planter. I'm still leaning towards these being phlox and not dusty miller. Even if the dusty miller does not germinate I will be happy. The dusty miller seeds I bought from Value Seeds so the .99 cents they cost won't make me feel sad. I love to get seeds from Value Seeds because they are just Thompson and Morgan seeds but greatly discounted. There aren't many choices but I usually find a few things I want. There are many of my plants growing really fast now. One of my corkscrew vine has started to grow like crazy over the past two days. That is a great sign because I really want the Corckscrew Vine to grow. The grape hyacinths are mostly all up and blooming now. They area welcome scene to my mostly green. Plus the bees have really started to show interest in them. That make me feel great when some beneficial insects are coming to my little corner. My spearmint is growing well now and will probably start to grow like a weed soon it seems. The columbine, armeria, and the bellflower are doing well. Mainly the columbine has been growing the most.

kasha biting hyacinth
Kasha being mean and biting my plants.

Yesterday when I was taking photos as I normally do my dog Kasha decided she wanted to be a bad girl. While taking my photos she wanted to get in the way. Not only get in the way but try to bite anything I was taking a photo of. The picture above is her trying to bite my hyacinth. She did it for pretty much everything. Then she finally stopped to smell the mint and grape hyacinth.

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Anna-Flowergardengirl said...

All is green at your house as usual!! I'm a dusty miller fan too. I plant lots of it each year. I get it in the six packs cause I'm not much of a seed starter. I'll just enjoy watching your seeds grow. We've had a mild winter and my dusty miller is going strong. I'm about to think it's a perennial here. I'm not sure what to do with it come spring. I wonder if I cut it back or let it keep on keeping on.

Hypertufa Gardener said...

Yeah I just started growing some plants indoors as well. Mine haven't come up yet but it won't be too long now.

I think Kasha was just trying to eat healthy :) Making sure she gets all her greens in her diet :)

Thanks for sharing the link on Value Seeds. They got some great prices there, I went to take a look, not bad. Great blog and keep up the great work. Will come by and visit again.


Jamie Boyle
Hypertufa Gardener

Vanillalotus said...

Anna- I love the dusty millers. I'm a seed addict as if it's not obvious. My small space makes it semi easy for me not to bury myself in seed purchases. Dusty millers really are perennials in certain zones. I have even heard of gardeners in zone 5 who get their dusty millers to act as perennials. Just let them grow but you cut trim them back so they are busher and to a shape you want. Maybe you can even let some of them go to seed.

Hypertufa- Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. I actually grow few plants indoors most of my plants are on my balcony receiving tons of sun and heat. Kasha does try to nip at my green plants very often. She must be thinking she needs them in her diet. The only thing with value seeds is that you don't get an information package with the seeds. But if you go to the Thompson and Morgan site they will have the information there.

Jim/ArtofGardening said...

Dusty Miller's a favorite of mine as well. Seed starting? I found out I wasn't very good at that a long time ago. I think it has to do with attention span and stick-to-it-ivness. ASDD, Attention to Seeds Deficit Disorder.

I think Kasha has some emotional issues regarding plants. Was she attacked by a plant as a puppy or something?

Robin's Nesting Place said...

I love watching your seeds sprout! I have dusty miller but it didn't flower. I've been thinking about getting some cuttings and seeing if it will root. So far it has made it through my zone 5 winter.