Ignored Plants On My Balcony

The one surviving Coleus.

I noticed I have been ignoring some plants on my balcony. They don't get their photo taken of very often. When they do get a photo session they don't get posted on the blog. For some reason I feel like I take a lot of photos of some plants but really I don't. This one Coleus is the only survivor out of 3 that I had. One was purple and the other was I think like this one. I left the two outside to deal with the elements but kept this one inside. The other two got a freeze that killed them. This Coleus has been setting out new leaves like crazy lately. I've been pinching back trying to keep it compact and branch out and leaf out more towards the bottom.

The unknown gift plant.

This is the unknown gift plant. I don't take many pictures of it because well it hasn't grown much at all. I'm not sure what it is that makes it not the growing beast I was told it would be. A friend gave this to me and said hers grows like crazy every year. She gave me some cuttings and had no idea what it was called. It turns pink some times but I don't know when or why. I like this plant really I do. It's just camera shy that is all.

A corner of my Balcony never before shown.

I'm sure all that read this blog wonder why I never show my actual balcony and my container massings. Really I just don't like the way my photos come out. I like my photos up close and personal all up in the plants face. And I slacked off after November and stopped sweeping my balcony. Things started to get dirty and pieces of plants everywhere. It's not a very nice site. This is a corner of my balcony, the upper left hand corner if looking out my sliding door. The black container is back in it's corner (bottom left) and no longer there. In the corner is were my dianthus pinnochio mix and dr ruppel clematis are. Then the snapdragon is tucked in between the pot with the dianthus and clematis and the pot that has the campanula, columbine and armeria. Next to that is the tiny pot of over crowded lemon balm that is infested with spider mites. In the black container there is a mystery plant, a snake plant, and the knotweed. Trust me my container mixes are less then spectacular. The black container I just shoved what I could because I didn't want the cuttings and plants to die. I had minimal containers so many things just got stuck in the same home with no care to how they look.


mr_subjunctive said...

Not positive, but if the unknown gift plant has zig-zagging stems, I think it's a Pedilanthus tithymaloides. If I'm right, the turning pink just means it's getting a lot of sun: it doesn't seem to affect the plant's growth either way. This is the time of year when mine are beginning to wake up and start growing.

Yolanda Elizabet said...

Sometimes when gardening desperate measures are called for to save a plant or a cutting. Of course it is more noticeable when you stick a plant in where ever you can on a balcony than in a garden. Gardening on a balcony is far more difficult than in a garden. But never mind all that, the more you garden the more you learn and before you know it your balcony will be the envy of many a gardener! :-)

Happy Easter!

Vanillalotus said...

Mr Subjective- Thank you for identifying my plant. I have been pondering and searching forever. No one knew what it was.

Yolanda- I sure do hope I get better at it. I guess with my newbie start I bought whatever looked good, had some plants die and little room and money. This resulted in mismashed containers. Maybe if I actually tried to plan things out it would look better. Next Year I will bust out my design skills I swear. Thank you for the happy easter. You have a happy one too!

Anna said...

I was thinking what Yolanda said--you do have many challenges that we don't. I admire you for coming up with creative ways to meet those concerns. I should go take a pic tomorrow of my rowdy pots. I haven't done any spring cleaning and they look awful. That is why dh was throwing them away. He thought it was trash--lol.