Foliage and The Attack of the Mushrooms

What's with all the mushrooms?

Yesterday and today I have picked out over 12 mushrooms. They are everywhere in my containers. I believe the soil conditioner has mushroom spores in it. Now they are coming out all over the place. They day after a day or two anyway. I'm just so frustrated with them today having popped up in all my new containers.


I'm not positive but I pretty sure they don't harm anything at all. I know plucking them out won't get rid of them but oh well. They are interesting to see I guess.

Amaryllis Minerva pushing out new leaves.

snake plant
The snake plant pushing out new leaves. Slowly but surely I'm getting more leaves. Maybe next year I'll have a huge snake plant like others I see around.

My Amaryllis is still making leaves non stop. I just discovered these new leaves yesterday. I wonder how many more the Amaryllis will make before it needs to rest.

corkscrew vine
The corkscrew vine has started to climb it's way up!

Juanita Hatten Bougainvillea making a comeback. It's been growing fast over the past week. Soon it should be large and in charge again.


GardenJoy4Me said...

Hello Vanillalotus .. I have outbreaks of mushrooms in my gardens every once in a while .. I think they came from the compost I put in. BUT .. I love pictures of them and end up taking more pictures of them ... yours are beautiful.
I have a couple of snake plants on the go in the kitchen .. they are getting big too !

ferne said...


Just found your blog through Flower Garden Girl's blog list. You take the greatest pictures and it seems that you have a very green thumb. I love the mushroom pictures! Mushrooms usually grow where there is decaying wood so you probably have some wood chips in your soil. It will stop soon, but for now enjoy them just don't eat them.

ldybug said...