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snake plant
Snake Plant

Here is a plant I never talk about it. It's one of the few that get kind of neglected on my balcony garden. I've gone through a week or two of not even watering it. Now I'm trying to pay attention to every plant I have and not neglect them just because I initially didn't like them. I wasn't a fan of the snake plant. It was yet again another plant that the old women gave me. It was just there and a little burnt at the tips and just nothing interesting. Just a few days ago I noticed some new shoots forming in the pot. That is when I thought that I might just like this plant and give it a chance. That is also when I realized I have liked this plant all along, just not my own. Across the way another balcony gardener has a huge snake plant. I've admired it because it's tall and clumped together and very unique looking against her geraniums. I just never registered in my head that she had a snake plant and that mine could grow like that with more watering maybe.

sweet peas and stock
Sweet Peas and Stock

Well these seedlings have been doing great. They were planted a week or two earlier then the other seedlings I have growing right now (african daisy, nemesia, gaillardia). I'm telling you when I plant seeds in pots they do wonderful. In the flats my seeds just grow like snails, so slow. Anyways my sweet peas have toppled over. I'm not sure if they are supposed to do that but I can't get them to stay up. Maybe I'll get some chopsticks and try to keep them straight. These sweet peas are a dwarf variety so I didn't think they would need staking. The stock is growing nicely too.


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jodi said...

Happy looking sprouts, indeed! no sprouts here yet other than the catgrass I planted for the catchildren...

Anna said...

They look like a thriving garden balcony to be! It is going to look stunning. I hope ya'll are going to be there for awhile cause those plants are going to take hold for good!