Little Big Mountain Parsley

Parsley Seedling

My Parsley seedlings are finally getting bigger faster. It always worries me when my seedlings take a long time to grow up. I'm always in fear that they will stay that size forever or shrink back to the ground. Once they take off they grow in light speeds. These were shrimps forever and then slowly got their curly leaves. Now everyday they are bigger and bigger. I went to Family Dollar with Hubby to pick up some toilet paper and saw they had some plant containers. Of course I'm excited because I am a cheapy. Sorry frugal me and I have no money. 64 dollars to be exact is what I have. There is not shame in that I swear. Anyways they had these cute rectangular planters that were small about 8 inches by 3 or 4 inches. The first thing that popped in my head that I could plant in this was my Parsley. So I will be going back tomorrow and getting me some rectangular plants and of course the bigger round ones. I used to be one that loved the terracotta pots and wanted nothing else. Well after having to water those 2-3 times a day when it gets hot I don't like them any more. The plastic ones keep my plants from having to be water multiple times a day. I don't mind watering multiple times a day but sometimes I just can't do that. There is nothing more stressful then having to go to work or school, but all I can think about is how this plant and this plant really needs water right now and will be wilted by the time I get home.

Another Parsley seedling

Now I have been trying to keep my containers slightly unified. I had to change from terracotta to plastic. I accidentally have some green planters, a few black ones, and some white ones. The rest are terracotta colored but they are plastic. I do have a ceramic white one but it fits well with the plastics. Now I'm trying to keep it all terracotta but the black ones really kind of stick out. I'd like to say I should just get rid of them.They probably heat up the soil way more then it already gets heated up to begin with. Maybe I'll get the guts to just take them out and maybe use them for indoor plants instead. Yeah that is a great idea!

P.S. If you have a family dollar those pots were, well a dollar. I'm not sure what the others were priced. There were some nice ceramic pots too that said 5.99. I'm not sure if the ceramic was for 1 pot or for the pots stacked inside too. Anyways if you are a cheapy also go take a look.


Melanie said...

Yum, yum, those parsley seedlings look delicious!

Nancy J. Bond said...

I'm so thrilled to see any kind of green right now that even your parsley tickles me. :) I'm glad your seedlings are doing so well.

GardenJoy4Me said...

You have to love parsley .. so fresh and invigorating a herb .. I can't wait to have my own growing this season too !

m. said...

I know you said you don't care for terra cotta but I got two 5 or 6 inch terra cotta pots at the Habitat for Humanity Home Center (http://www.habitatsa.org/homeCenter.aspx) for 25 cents, for both! I then saw that Home Depot sells a sealer for the pots to help with the dryness. You definately can't beat that price. And money goes to a good cause!

Vanillalotus said...

Melanie- I can't wait to try them out and eat some. I do hope they taste good!

Nancy- I'm glad that my parsley green makes you happy. I know how you feel used to live most of my life in the Northeast where there was lots of snow. It's really strange not having that down here and being able to garden practically year round.

Joy- I love parsley and use it on everything. I can't wait to try fresh parsley that I grew myself. Do tell me when you plant yours and your seedlings pop up. You know seedlings are my favorite.

m-Thanks M. I just might what location are you located at. I live on the Northwest side and can't really drive out far currently. I would love to purchase them and help out!