New Buds

Dianthus Pinocchio about to bud.

Well I have some two sneaky plants that decided to bud after bloom day. How dare they hide from the event. My Dianthus has some fuzzy stuff on one side which appears under their blooms. I'm assuming this is what they do before they bud and make some awesome flowers. I'm really excited to see this bloom! I'm a fan of the Dianthus but have not seen a Pinocchio mix in person. Even online I can only find a couple of pictures of the blooms. Some day soon I'm hoping for some flowers to show.

Armeria Joystick Mix buds.

The Armeria has about 5 buds. These were not here yesterday, I swear. I look and inspect my plants almost everyday. They can't hide things from me for long. Apparently the Armeria wanted to wait until night time to start showing those buds. This is another plant I'm excited to see the blooms of. I got this as a freebie with a plant order I purchased online. It's going to be an interesting combination with the grass like foliage and round blooms on long stems.

Sadly today I found that my spearmint has ants which brings aphids. It's a never ending battle with the ants and aphids on mint. They didn't used to attack my spearmint when I had the chocolate mint. Now that the chocolate mint is gone the spearmint is it's new friend. So frustrating if only there was a solution that would make them gone forever.


Anonymous said...
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Jane Marie said...

I can't wait to see that Dianthus. You're keeping us in suspense.

reescowden said...

Once again some great photos. I just put up some info on my site about garden photography, I wish I'd seen yours before, I would have included it.
Rees Cowden

Aaron Jewett said...

Great shots!

Anna said...

Sprinkle some cinnamon in your soil for the ants and spray the aphids with my bug spray recipe from my site. I can't guarantee--but the cinnamon might work on the ants. They don't like cinnamon.

Vanillalotus said...

Jane Marie- I can't wait to see the Dianthus either. It's keeping me in suspense for all this time.

Rees- That your for the compliment about my photos. It means a lot to me to hear you like them. Don't apologize for not including me in your article. My photos aren't always stunning, ha.

aaron-thank you so much

anna- I'll need to try that cinnamon. I actually don't have cinnamon at home since it's not a spice I particularly like to eat ha. I just discovered them on my spearmint and did spray them so hope they will be gone soon. I swear those ants keep on farming them. Wherever there are aphids I find the ants all over the plant.