Then and Now Daylilies and Mint

My lush mint now.

My Spearmint that I planted from seed way back in October is nice and lush now. I really thought I had posted more about my mint but found hardly a post about it. That means it's time to introduce the mint. I love mint and would have many planters of it but I like to try other plants too. Now I have many photos of my mint in every stage possible. This is why I was surprised I had no posts on it.

The mint in February before being repot.

Way back in October I sowed my mint seeds. They were very slow starting. So slow starting I thought that they wouldn't make it. I had heard how mint just spreads like crazy so I really thought they would start out fast. They took their time but have gotten to a nice lushness that is every growing everyday. The picture above is of the mint in January. Once it really started to take off it quickly outgrew it's pot.

Baby mint seedlings in October.

I'm glad I have the mint. I haven't used it for any tea like I had planned to when I purchased the seeds. Maybe I should do that now that I have many leaves to pluck. It was only a few days ago I really thought back on how little the mint was. I'm always thinking my plants aren't as lush and big as the plants of others. Really I think I might just be doing a good job...or at least with the mint I am.

My daylilies back in November.

I got my daylies in late October early November. They have gone through a nice growth then they died back for a month and now they are coming back again. I'm hoping I will get some blooms this year. Even if I don't I like the foliage enough that I wouldn't be too upset about it. The picture above is when I got my daylilies.

Daylilies at the very end of November.

They quickly grew to like their new home, and really grew. Then shortly afterwards in December of January they died back. That is when I got to start looking for new growth, my favorite thing to do.

Daylilies now!

Now the daylilies are really starting to grow back. I can't wait to see if they will bloom. It's nice to have that corner of the balcony all greened out. They really love that pot and I'm surprised since they are rather mashed in there and I'm known to neglect that big pot.


Nicole said...

Thanks for visiting my site. your mint looks great-because of our climate it is one of those herbs that is difficult to grow here, if you can believe that.
The week I don't get to water that's the end of the plant. Another great use for mint is to add some to the basil when making pesto.

Nancy J. Bond said...

I love the heady smell of mint. My daughter "inherited" a former tenant's vegetable garden when she moved into a new apartment and the mint completely took over, but talk about a wonderful fragrance!

Ki said...

Glad to see your mint in pots. I'm still trying to get rid of some spearmint I planted in our garden. It's quite an aggressive grower even if it smells so nice.

Kylee said...

Everything looks GREAT! I too love mint and want to get some chocolate mint this year. I have to contain it though, because it grows like CRAZY!

Frances, said...

Thanks for giving us a before, after and middle of the mint and daylilies. One of the best parts of gardening is, as you say, looking for new growth!

Frances at Faire Garden

garden girl said...

I love mint. It's a pretty plant, smells wonderful, and makes delicious tea that's good for tummies.

Mary Beth said...

Mint and daylilies - two of my favorite plants! I grow mint for mojitos in the summer so mine rarely gets overgrown. What kind of daylilies are you growing?

Anna said...

It all looks healthy. I love the smell of mint when you brush against it. Chocolate mint is my favorite. You are doing a great job and an inspiration to all who have balcony gardens.

Nancy said...

Daylilies can take a little neglect. What kind are they?

Vanillalotus said...

The daylilies I have are:
Abstract Art, Cold Harbor, Eruption, Lovely Naomi, Raindrop, Ricky, Ruffled Valentine, Sacred Way, Saucy Sue, and Windsor Castle.
Then I have 3 unknown varieties because they were just a random pick. I have no idea if what I chose will do well in conditions I have to offer. I bough them on sale for around $2 each.

Aaron Jewett said...

Looking good, new growth is my fav. too!!