Take A Look At My Nook

right side
Right side of my balcony.

Now all you readers I'm sure are dieing to see the big picture. I've been avoiding showing my balcony. I'm not sure why I just don't feel I've made the jungle I envisioned. Like I mentioned before I have many times just stuck plants where there is room in a container. Things look a bit different now. I'm always moving containers around so it never stays the same for too long. Let me show you the right side of my balcony. If you come out of my sliding screen door this will be on the right.

Here you see the big green planter. The green planter right in the middle contains many things and is always changing when things die. Right now it has dianthus tall double flowering mix, grape hyacinths, one hyacinth woodstock, a candytuft, phlox of sheep seedlings, and possibly dusty miller seedlings. Right in front is a tray with little pots most are plastic some are peat. There is the dieing sweet basil, the two dead coleus, and needpoint ivy in peat pots. In plastic pots there are dimorphotheca aurantica african moon, mt fuji morning glories and gaillardia razzle dazzle. In front of that tray is my seed tray that has parsley big mountain, laurentia, and more dimorphotheca aurantica african moon.

upper right corner
Upper right corner to the left of the large green planter.

This is the upper right corner of the balcony. Here to the left and in front of the large green planter in the orange pot is the cocktail vodka begonia. It likes this spot a lot. I had it somewhere else and it wasn't happy. To the left of the begonias in the large container in the corner is the juanita hatten bougainvillea. It doesn't look like much now but hopefully it will come back soon. In front of the bougainvillea are some daylilies..not sure what varieties any more, maybe cold harbor and windsor castle. In front of the daylilies in the black container is the unknown jasmine. I'm not sure if the jasmine would do well somewhere else. I haven't bothered to move the jasmine but maybe I should. To the left of the jasmine is the not fairing well two woodstock hyacinths, the thriving candytuft, and the not so well godetia. If front of that container is the evening primrose. No blooms on the primrose yet but there are many buds. Lastly to the right of the evening primrose container are the newly transplanted grape hyacinths. They were in a glass bowl and just weren't doing well. It was intended for them to be forced inside but I never brought them back in one day.

bottom right corner
The bottom right corner of my balcony to the right of the big green planter

Lastly my bottom right corner. Probably the corner I like the most. Things do fairly well here because they get sun but aren't blasted like the upper right corner. Lets start in the back. Right behind the white container and super large container hidden is the corkscrew vine. It's nicely climbing it's way up the railing. Pretty soon I'm going to have to make it go to the left. The white container has stock tudor tapesty and sweet pea bijou mix. To the right of that is the super big container in the corner with many dayliles. Each is a different variety of daylily I'll see which is which when/if they bloom. To the left of those two containers is the flowering pansy. In front of the pansies going left to right is mint, then corkscrew vine, then the minerva amaryllis. The large rectangular container has daylilies and grape hyacinths. To the left of the rectangular container is woodstock hyacinths in the glass vase (shame on me) and devils backbone (someone kindly found out what my mystery plant was). To the right of all of that are 3 little pots. 2 pots have gaillardia razzle dazzle seedlings and 1 has a grape hyacinth. There is another little pot hidden between the pansy and mint that has more grape hyacinths.

That is my right side. It contains the most of my plants. I know it's ugly I should have spared your eye. Nah I like my corner. It's my first spring so next year I'll know what to do better and actually plan. Sorry for all the misspelling and grammar mistakes I'm horrible at my own native language, english.


Layanee said...

What fun to have your own balcony space. Lots of treasures there!

Lee17 said...

When I lived in an apartment, I had lots of potted plants too. I had tomatoes, cucumbers, various herbs, and some fuschia plants. You really have to be patient when starting out those herbs and perennials from seed...they never look too exciting that first year, but the second - WOW! Totally worth the wait. Your balcony will look like a jungle soon - I am quite sure ;)

Anna said...

It looks rewarding and you've done an excellent job experimenting with lots of different things. It shows that it makes you happy. I'm glad seed packets come with lots of seeds cause I know some are going to croak! This will be my first year sowing lots of seeds. I hope mine will turn out as well as yours have.

Nancy said...

Wow, what a lot of plants you've managed to grow! It's funny how some plants like one particular spot, but move them 6 inches one way or another? They make you paaaayy....

lisa said...

I think your balcony looks great! That stuff is all gonna take off so well that you'll barely be able to open the door and step out there. Plants have a way of taking over when they know they're wanted!

Vanillalotus said...

layanee- thank you. Having this big balcony is great. I'm glad I have it but of course would rather have a yard.

lee17- Thank you for the comment. I do hope it is a jungle soon I want to be engulfed when I come out into it. I think my corkscrew vine will cover the small side of my balcony in no time so I'll get part a jungle at least. I'll need to try some actual veggies someday. The herbs are slow to grow, i'm glad to hear they take off the second year.

anna- thank you. good luck with your seeds. I only ever need a few to germinate so I never even get to use all my seeds. I'm sure for gardeners like you that have a garden it would be nice to have them all or most of them grow. It's not that hard and I'm sure you will do great. If I can do it so can you. I'm sure yours will be tons better then mine.

nancy- It's weird how finicky they are. Even just getting a tad bit more or less sun and they show they don't like it quickly. I really don't have that much the photos just make it look like a lot.

lisa- I do hope they take over because I love them. That would be funny if I couldn't open my door to get out because they plants had grown so much.