Too windy

Snapdragon in a cup

It's been so windy today. I hate when it gets windy because I have certain pots (peat pots and small pots) that easily get tipped over. When I went outside to water I noticed my snapdragon blooms had disapeared. Well they didn't disappear the flower stem broke off from all the wind. I shook off the spider hanging on to the flowers and brought the flower stem inside. Now my snapdragon blooms are in a cup. I don't have any soil to repot them in. All my other containers are currently very over occupied. For now it will have to be in a cup. I hope it keeps on thriving a bit longer because of this....

snapdragon seed pod
Snapdragon Seed Pod

I want my seed pod to ripen! It's so sad that it broke off before my pod got to ripen. Hopefully it still makes it. If not, there are some other flower buds that will bloom later on. It'll be getting hotter in another month or two. When that time comes my snapdragon will probably not be doing well from all the heat. We'll see.

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Anna said...

I've had that happen too many times. It's so sad. I'm sorry. Snapdragons are long bloomers too and that whole stem was just wasted. Isn't that aggravating.