New Buds and New Growth

dwarf crape myrtle
Weeping Dwarf Crape Myrtle "Sacramento" has buds.

Today to my surprise I saw some signs of life in two things I thought for sure must be dead. First my crape myrtle is showing some buds. This is very excited for me. I really thought I would have to be getting rid of this dead tree. When I bought it I potted it in a new home. It didn't like the new home and environment thus dropping all it's leaves. Nothing ever came back after over half a year. It was really coming down to whether or not there would be any new growth this spring. Now there are buds so it is alive. I'm very glad because I loved the Weeping Dwarf Crape Myrtle.

dwarf crape myrtle
More buds everywhere.

Now I really thought I had killed this next plant for sure. I got it and it was in a decent condition but small. I potted it up with the dianthus pinnochio mix. The dianthus took off but the Dr Ruppel Clematis did not. It stayed the same and the leaves browned. Yet it again is was just up for time to tell if it was alive or not. I have not looked at the clematis for a month now. Today I checked it out since other things and other trees and shrubs around in San Antonio are starting to get new leaves and buds. New leaves!!! It is alive so I will be having a clematis growing. I'm kind of concerned though because the dianthus has grown so much. I'm not sure if the clematis will need it's own pot that isn't crowded with roots already. I'm assuming that the pot has many roots in it considering how the dianthus looks. Yet again if anyone can give me some help on that it would be greatly appreciated. I just didn't want to pot it up while it is starting to finally show signs of life and risk transplant shock or whatever else. Do you think the clematis will be okay with it's dianthus buddy? I like the dianthus there because it shades the roots and doesn't allow the sun to really get to it. Right now I think it's in an 8 inch pot so it's not big at all. I have no idea how big of a pot a clematis would need or if it will even survive in a pot at all.

dr ruppel clematis
Dr. Ruppel Clematis has new leaves.


Nancy said...

Clematis like for their roots to be shaded and their leaves in the sun. Don't worry about repotting now, the dianthus are probably shallow rooted, and the clematis will be deeper rooted...so

room for both!

Digital Flower Pictures said...

Weeping Crepe Myrtle, that's cool. We can't grow even a regular Crepe this far north.

I agree with nancy, "hot top, cool bottom" on the Clematis.

Annie in Austin said...

Another person might have pitched the crepe myrtle but just like Mother Nature, you were patient, Vanillalotus! I'm glad it's showing new leaves.

Eventually those clematis roots may get crowded, but it should be okay in the pot for awhile. I grew clematis in containers when my flower garden was on a deck in Austin. They were in those pots for about 3 or 4 years before we moved here where I could plant them in the ground. Good luck!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose