Green Thumb Sunday: I've got Buds!

dianthus pinocchio
Dianthus barbatus Pinocchio Mix has buds.

Many of my plants are in bud. This makes me very happy because I've had hardly any flowers on my balcony. For Garden Bloggers Bloom Day this month I'll hopefully have plenty of flowers to show.

Hibiscus Rose with many buds.

The Hibiscus Rose has many buds. There are about 5 and all at the same stage. These pictures above are taken on different days. The buds are about to open any day now maybe in two days. They might just bloom way before GBBD but I'll be taking pictures and count them anyways.

sweet william
Sweet William tall double flowering mix with buds

The sweet william are looking like they will have some blooms soon. I'm excited about these since I've been waiting for a while to see them. I'm still so surprised I got some seeds to germinate at all.

Pansy corso mix bud.

This pansy has actually opened today. It seems whenever I buy a mix plant either seeds or the actual plant...I really don't get a mix. The only one that I really did get a mix was the candytuft. Maybe when the other ones bring out blooms they will be a different color. So far they have been blue but still beautiful. I love blue anyways so I can't complain.

evening primrose
evening primrose
Evening Primrose Buds

My evening Primrose has been packing on the buds for the past week or two. There are about 4 or 5 that are enlarged and ready to burst. Then there are around 8 little ones dangling and waiting for their turn. I just love love the evening primrose blooms. Seeing them on the side of the road in masses makes my heart flutter. These might be a weed/wildflower but I would love a large part of my garden to have them. Who cares if they take over it wouldn't bug me at all. I say this not having a yard. They probably would bug me if they took over at least until they all bloomed.

corkscrew vine
corkscrew vine
Corkscrew Vine is starting to climb.

Okay, this is not a bud but still just as exciting. The other corkscrew vine has finally started to vine and reach up. So now I get to weave this one up and over to the right to meet the other corkscrew vine that has been climbing for month. I do hope these flowers! I can't wait to see the snail shaped blooms in their great purple cream and white color. Maybe I might even get seeds from them. I won't get my hopes up on the seeds though.

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Zoƫ said...

I just love those fecund buds, sometimes I prefer the buds to the blooms; the anticipation is the best part.

I am amazed just how much you grow on your balcony!

Nancy J. Bond said...

Lucky you, with so many wonderful blooms to look forward to!

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

Great pictures.

Ki said...

Wow you have so many things in bud stage. I admire your ability to grow things from seed.

chey said...

I love your photos! What type of camera are you using for your macro shots? They're great!

Vanillalotus said...

Zoe- Thank you for stopping by. I know, I have managed to grow a lot and still have space for more.

Nancy- I'm excited I have all these blooms coming soon. I've spent way to many months swooning over other gardeners blooms. Now I finally get blooms of my own.

Aunt Debbi- Thank you for the compliment

Ki- Growing from seed isn't that hard. I have been growing things that haven't been too picky. There have been some seed that just hasn't grown for me.

Chey- Thank you for the compliment. I use a canon digital rebel xt. I have actually been wanting a better macro lens since the lens that came with the camera can be picky and doesn't get as close as I would like it to sometimes.