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Senecio rowleyanus
Senecia rowleyanus 'String of Pearls'

Did some shopping yesterday and got some great little succulents. Also got a nice little house plant too while shopping at a different place. I went to Rainbow gardens to get a client some Philippine violets before they sold out. Plus I had to go to that garden center because I had coupons that were about to expire. I've been wanting to start a succulent collect to maybe start selling...maybe some day. I have some weird interest in succulents but I have been fighting getting more because I don't really have room. Since I am going to be making a 4 tier grow cart I thought it would be a good time to get started on the collection.

Senecia rowleyanus 'String of Pearls'. I knew this was called string of pearls because I remember seeing it online once. The thing I hate about getting succulents from stores is that they normally do not have actual names, it just says assorted succulents. I like the uniqueness of this plant and I think it would be a good seller as it makes a great hanging basket too. Succulents make great houseplants. They are also good for most anyone because normal not plant crazed people don't want to water often, so the succulents and cactus are the way to go. My mother had many cactus that were strewn around the house she loved them and they never died.

haworthia fasciata
Haworthia fasciata

Ever since I went to the botanical gardens and saw the Haworthia reinwardtii I have been in love with the Haworthias that are shaped that same way. Of course when I saw this Haworthia I couldn't pass it up. Yet again it was labeled as just plain succulent.

hoya carnosa
Hoya carnosa 'Krinkle Kurl' variegated

I have thought about Hoyas but never found one I really wanted. I love leaves that are curled and leaves that are variegated so I naturally had to get my first Hoya. It is supposed to bloom every few weeks if I fertilize every 2 weeks, or everyday with Eleanors vf-11 which I need to try out.


Darn these unlabeled succulents. This is an Echeveria and I'm not sure of the variety. I searched forever yesterday and the only thing I found that looked like it in some pictures was Echeveria subsessilis, but not too sure. Maybe someone out there can help with the ID. I'll post on Gardenweb to see if someone who is a succulent or echeveria guru will know.

hemigraphis alternata
hemigraphis alternata
Hemigraphis alternata

Hemigraphis alternata is called waffle plant or red ivy. I liked the unique texture of the leaves and the purple undersides. I'm still trying to find something that likes my computer desk. I'm hoping the waffle plant will be the one since it likes part shade. If not back on the windowsill.

Good news!!!

I got a new job all!!! I feel so bad for leaving the large wholesale nursery that gave me a chance and provided me with so much experience. They just don't work around my school schedule. I thought it would be different and that once I started they would understand that I go full time to school and that work will be second. But last week it was very difficult for me. On Monday and Wednesday I went to work then to school then back to work then home for 2 hours then to school then home for 2 hours then sleep. Other days except for Friday I got to work then home for 2 hours then to school then home for two hours and then sleep. It's really hard to do anything while you are home for 2 hour intervals. I hardly have time to make food shower clean or anything really. Experiencing this I knew that I would have a very hard time doing homework. Besides that I was begged every day to stay later to work on Saturday and I'm working on labor day. Really I just can't I have school and extra time to devote to work. I don't like feeling guilty when I can't work when they need me. I don't like having to say no I can't work later or on the weekend because of school and then being told I'm so spoiled and special, because I am not. Other people that work there don't go to school after work so they can stay later and only have one day off a week. I was sick from driving around so much and not being able to eat enough or rest enough. On Tuesday of last week I said I'm quitting sorry all. So my last day would be September 9th but the prop manager told me I could leave this week on Thursday after everyone comes back from working in other areas. I really wish I could leave earlier I am so exhausted.

How did I already find another job. I have been looking for weeks really or even a month or more for something that would be more flexible with my hours. I applied for the Botanical Gardens but did not get even an interview the 3 times I applied. It was for the best since it is further away and wouldn't really work out with school. Then a the landscaping for the condo did not work out. I have been landscaping on the side and it has been fun but also a physical challenge. I found an ad for an herb farm that was looking for a person to fill in a propagation spot. I emailed and was asked to come in for an interview last week on Monday. I went in and filled out an app, got the tour of the area and asked lots of questions then offered the position and to start asap. I was excited. They will be working around my schedule and have no problem if I need to change it for whatever reason. I can add more hours or take more off or work different days. It's great and I'm excited, plus I'm getting .50 cents more but could be getting even more if they see that I know what I am doing. Another great thing is that is up the street so it really does save me gas.

Hopefully I will be staying at my new job for as long as I can. I really do want to stay at one place for a decent amount of time. I seem to only be able to stay for under a year or even a few months before something comes up and I just have to leave or find something else. Everyone has said it is a great place to work and I will more than likely like it more.


Wordless Wednesday: Pups

sitting tova
posing tova
looking up tova
goofy tova
ears back tova
crazy tova
jumping tova
kasha and tova

2nd times the charm

Really 2nd time is not the charm in my case. I cut my finger AGAIN. The same finger in the same place but a different angle. Now I have a massive load of gauze on my finger which makes it weird to do anything. I got liquid stitches since getting a real stitch wouldn't work because of the awkwardness of the cut Yes I cried, it hurt and I was scared I was going to lose my finger tip. I do not like how the doctor cleaned it and I am worried of infection. I was trimming jatropha seedlings with dirty ass shears that have a bunch of jatropha juice and who knows what all over them. Anyways I'm fine just, I can't believe I did it again.


What am I getting myself into?


Again I have been gone and I apologize. My garden hasn't been too eventful since it has been infested with mealy bugs, mites, and white flies. It's just so frustrating to go out there and spray and get more bugs the next day or a few days later. It's expensive to keep on buying $9 spray to not really have it be that effective. I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or what. Many of my plants are just suffering trying to fight off the bugs. I'm doing my best with spraying and fertilizing to help them but it's not all that effective.

Besides the unhappiness with my little corner I have been doing some landscaping for a few people. One client I am doing a flower bed and most likely fixing up the empty flower beds in the front. I thought I would give a shot and doing some yard maintenance. It's been in the back of my head as a possibility for my future job having my own little business. As always I have run into a little dilemma with said clients before. A tiller was rented to till the flower bed and get the compost and fertilizer all mixed up and the ground nice and ready for plants. This said soil was hard as concrete for the top 4 inches and the tiller just didn't really do much. Also this said tiller was as big as me and dragged me with it so the homeowner was the one operating it as I just watched. I felt horrible and now know to mention that I will only maintain established gardens or plant in bed that are already amended. I have no problem figuring out what needs to be done, but those machines and heavy lifting are things I just can't do. Also on Saturday I over exhirted myself at this clients house and was on the verge of heat exhaustion. I keep on thinking I am stronger and more capable of doing things when I really am not.

The other clients house I am doing they already had a guy from another nursery that is no longer open come over and clean up the beds. The soil is okay but I haven't dug into it yet. Even if is not good I will just amend the holes instead of the whole beds. There is an acre I am doing that have some existing plants but it just needs some fixing up. Like I said I will have to just amend the planting holes as much as I don't like doing that but I just can't do anything else. This client is hard for me because they have part sun/shade and the homeowner wants plants that are low maintenance , colorful, and not annuals and will come back every year and not die. Let me tell you this is a hard task for me. I am still struggling to find some colorful plants for that shade area.

That is what I have been doing. I need to stop slacking on here even though I have really nothing much to share unless I keep quiet for a week or more.


Wordless Wednesday: Rose

tournament of roses
Tournament of Roses, Floribunda Rose


More seeds!!!

vinca seeds
Vinca Seeds

Well today went very well, until I cut my finger. Sorry no picture on that I don't think anyone wants to see my finger with a bandaid over it. It was a pretty bad cut that make me cry for a minute and call my husband to ask if I need stitches. I was trimming back the evil Torenia and rushing before my friend came over. As you can probably guess I wasn't being careful and snipped my finger. I could have really snipped off the tip, and it was pretty close to doing that. It stopped bleeding after a few minutes but it's the worst cut I have had. Lets say from now on I will always be careful no matter what.

On to the seeds now. I haven't been paying attention to the Vinca I have and when I looked at it for disease discovered I had a few seed pods.Now I have some seeds, joys.

I purchased some seeds online from Home Harvest Garden Supply. They were having a sale on seeds and I just couldn't resist seed packets that were .72 cents each. I saved 5 dollars buying it online then going to the garden center. It would have been more of a savings if the cheapest shipping wasn't priority (about $7). I have no idea if most of these will grow well here but I will try. Do tell me if any one of you wants some of these seeds. I only use a few seeds, I have rarely used a full packet unless I have problems.

Iceland Poppy (mixed), Nasturtium 'Dwarf Cherry Rose' 'Scarlet Gleem', Coreopsis 'Sunray'

Dill Bouquet, German Chamomile, Alternanthera 'Purple Knight', Bail 'Dark Opal Purple'

Marigold 'Queen Sophia', Petunia Easy Wave Beachcomber Hybrid (Mixed), Achillea Summer Pastels

I know I said I wouldn't get Petunia seeds but I love this color combination. Tomorrow or next weekend I need to get supplies to make a seed propagation table at home. Last year my seeds got leggy from not enough light. So I need some wood, nails, and lights, maybe even a timer.

My Wordle

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Welcome home

purple lady iresine

Sunday I went and purchased some plants. As always I only intended to get some potting soil and a plant or two to replace the ones I threw out. I tossed out the Hibiscus which was infested with whitefly that I could not rid. The Hibiscus had not bloomed in months and I just gave up on it. Then I threw out all the mint, the ferns, and the knotweed because it had gotten whitefly too and the mint just always got aphids. As you can guess I got more than 2 plants. I tried to be good and get some taller plants but...I still somehow picked out some not tall plants

purple lady iresine
Purple Lady Iresine

I have never seen this and I am trying to make an effort to pick out plants that some more interesting colors so it's not all green except for flowers. It's a spreading plant that does well in shade to part sun. It can do well in full sun in humid areas (which I don't think it is here). I purchased it mainly for the great red purple color and the planter out front need the creeping ruellia gone, it's not doing well. I have issues with the planters at my front door since I don't think I am getting plants that do really well in low light. I will see with this one. If not I'm sure I can make some room on the balcony for it. I surprisingly have some plants on my balcony that are part sun/shade and they are doing pretty darn good.

confetti lantana
Confetti Lantana
silver mound lantana
Silver Mound Lantana

Next I got lantana. I want something that attracts butterflies, be drought tolerant, and grow like a beast be cut and keep on growing. I personally love Lantana. I know many Texans who actually do not like it but get it because it's the a great plant for here and deer resistant. I love the smell of lantana, but pretty much everyone I have talked to does not like the smell. It smells citrus like to me and just so fresh. This time I made the effort to get Lantana. I thought these two would look good with one another. I'm not sure if I will plant them together or in their won separate containers.

gold bar miscanthus
Gold Bar Miscanthus
Gold Bar Miscanthus Grass or Zebra Grass

My main thought when going to the garden center was to get grasses. I like the texture of them and I need some different textures on my balcony. Like I said before I wanted some different colors too on my balcony. I had seen this somewhere and I had it on my mind when I went there to begin with. Of course I was overjoyed when I spotted the Gold Bar Miscanthus. It looks so awesome especially when it is grown and larger. It's a slow grower so it'll take a few year if not a lot of years to reach it's full height of 3-5 feet. That is not a bad thing though. I'll be having to think of what I need to move around to make room for these new additions. I kind of throw things wherever there is space and it's looking really mismatched. I can't put this tall growing grass in front of plants that only grow a foot tall. So I have to do some moving, mostly of daylilies,and maybe a bougainvillea.

mexican feather grass
Mexican Feather Grass

I saw this at work one day and loved the effect of it. In my Herbaceous Plants class last semester I learned about this grass so I had to get it after seeing it. I got this grass because of the texture, it get these great light and airy plumes that really make a spectacular sight. It gets about 2 ft tall and is drought tolerant too.

hawaiian snowbush
hawaiian snowbush
Hawaiian Snowbush

This plant took my breath away. It has an interesting shape, some great variegation placement and wonderful texture. I have never heard of Hawaiian snowbush (Breynia disticha). Since I have never seen it or heard about it I have a fear it will die sooner or later. It's a zone 10-11 plant so I'll be bringing it inside for the winter. Just have a feeling I will have a hard time with it. I think this is the compact version because if you look at the normal Hawaiian Snowbush it has more pink to it and a different form.

Those were my purchases. Sorry to blab on and on about nothing really but oh well. Do tell me if you have any experiences with this plants especially if you live in texas or 8b.