Good news!!!

I got a new job all!!! I feel so bad for leaving the large wholesale nursery that gave me a chance and provided me with so much experience. They just don't work around my school schedule. I thought it would be different and that once I started they would understand that I go full time to school and that work will be second. But last week it was very difficult for me. On Monday and Wednesday I went to work then to school then back to work then home for 2 hours then to school then home for 2 hours then sleep. Other days except for Friday I got to work then home for 2 hours then to school then home for two hours and then sleep. It's really hard to do anything while you are home for 2 hour intervals. I hardly have time to make food shower clean or anything really. Experiencing this I knew that I would have a very hard time doing homework. Besides that I was begged every day to stay later to work on Saturday and I'm working on labor day. Really I just can't I have school and extra time to devote to work. I don't like feeling guilty when I can't work when they need me. I don't like having to say no I can't work later or on the weekend because of school and then being told I'm so spoiled and special, because I am not. Other people that work there don't go to school after work so they can stay later and only have one day off a week. I was sick from driving around so much and not being able to eat enough or rest enough. On Tuesday of last week I said I'm quitting sorry all. So my last day would be September 9th but the prop manager told me I could leave this week on Thursday after everyone comes back from working in other areas. I really wish I could leave earlier I am so exhausted.

How did I already find another job. I have been looking for weeks really or even a month or more for something that would be more flexible with my hours. I applied for the Botanical Gardens but did not get even an interview the 3 times I applied. It was for the best since it is further away and wouldn't really work out with school. Then a the landscaping for the condo did not work out. I have been landscaping on the side and it has been fun but also a physical challenge. I found an ad for an herb farm that was looking for a person to fill in a propagation spot. I emailed and was asked to come in for an interview last week on Monday. I went in and filled out an app, got the tour of the area and asked lots of questions then offered the position and to start asap. I was excited. They will be working around my schedule and have no problem if I need to change it for whatever reason. I can add more hours or take more off or work different days. It's great and I'm excited, plus I'm getting .50 cents more but could be getting even more if they see that I know what I am doing. Another great thing is that is up the street so it really does save me gas.

Hopefully I will be staying at my new job for as long as I can. I really do want to stay at one place for a decent amount of time. I seem to only be able to stay for under a year or even a few months before something comes up and I just have to leave or find something else. Everyone has said it is a great place to work and I will more than likely like it more.


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garden girl said...

Congratulations on your new job Priscilla!

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

I had the same trouble with a nursery I worked for a couple of years ago. They were totally inflexible about my schedule. I had to give it up so I could focus on our family.

Congrats on the new position.

Carla said...

YEA! Congratulations! I hope it all works out for you!

Cinj said...

Congratulations! I think it is great when a business finds a person who they think will do a good job and can be flexible with scheduling to suit that employee's needs. It is a shame when people make a person feel guilty for having a life outside of work. That was done to me too and I greatly resented that people tried to make me feel that way at the daycare I used to work at. We do the best we can with the time God has given us, don't we? I hope everything works out and that no spoil sport will come along and make waves for you in this new job.