Wordless Wednesday: Rose

tournament of roses
Tournament of Roses, Floribunda Rose


CK-II said...

Nice flower shot. Have a wonderful WW! :)

Anonymous said...

Lovely shot of the rose.
An Artist's Garden.

Carla said...

Roses never stop amazing me-from bud to full bloom to faded bloom. Love it!

Katarina i Kullavik said...


Lynn said...

Hi there! I love your current pictures and entries, though I'm very sorry to hear about your finger. I hope it's healing up well.

I want to visit your site again tonight and read more about your seeds. Don't you just love seeds?? I was just thinking this morning of posting about my columbine seeds.

If you have a chance to come over to my blog, I have a new shot of the mystery plant that you said could be Cassia alata or Senna alata. I would love to know what you think now that it has blooms on it.


Lynn said...

I came back to say thank you! You identifed it. Yaaaaay. It even has the seed pods in the fall. I have been wondering for so long what was growing in my garden.

Thanks again!

LetsPlant said...

I love the flowers! Great shot!