2nd times the charm

Really 2nd time is not the charm in my case. I cut my finger AGAIN. The same finger in the same place but a different angle. Now I have a massive load of gauze on my finger which makes it weird to do anything. I got liquid stitches since getting a real stitch wouldn't work because of the awkwardness of the cut Yes I cried, it hurt and I was scared I was going to lose my finger tip. I do not like how the doctor cleaned it and I am worried of infection. I was trimming jatropha seedlings with dirty ass shears that have a bunch of jatropha juice and who knows what all over them. Anyways I'm fine just, I can't believe I did it again.

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Sue Swift said...

Oh dear I'm just as bad but tend to do it more when I'm cooking. Could have something to do with the glass of wine that usually accompanies the chopping of course ...
On the balcony I stick to scissors - they're safer.
Hope it's better soon - and love your pups.