More seeds!!!

vinca seeds
Vinca Seeds

Well today went very well, until I cut my finger. Sorry no picture on that I don't think anyone wants to see my finger with a bandaid over it. It was a pretty bad cut that make me cry for a minute and call my husband to ask if I need stitches. I was trimming back the evil Torenia and rushing before my friend came over. As you can probably guess I wasn't being careful and snipped my finger. I could have really snipped off the tip, and it was pretty close to doing that. It stopped bleeding after a few minutes but it's the worst cut I have had. Lets say from now on I will always be careful no matter what.

On to the seeds now. I haven't been paying attention to the Vinca I have and when I looked at it for disease discovered I had a few seed pods.Now I have some seeds, joys.

I purchased some seeds online from Home Harvest Garden Supply. They were having a sale on seeds and I just couldn't resist seed packets that were .72 cents each. I saved 5 dollars buying it online then going to the garden center. It would have been more of a savings if the cheapest shipping wasn't priority (about $7). I have no idea if most of these will grow well here but I will try. Do tell me if any one of you wants some of these seeds. I only use a few seeds, I have rarely used a full packet unless I have problems.

Iceland Poppy (mixed), Nasturtium 'Dwarf Cherry Rose' 'Scarlet Gleem', Coreopsis 'Sunray'

Dill Bouquet, German Chamomile, Alternanthera 'Purple Knight', Bail 'Dark Opal Purple'

Marigold 'Queen Sophia', Petunia Easy Wave Beachcomber Hybrid (Mixed), Achillea Summer Pastels

I know I said I wouldn't get Petunia seeds but I love this color combination. Tomorrow or next weekend I need to get supplies to make a seed propagation table at home. Last year my seeds got leggy from not enough light. So I need some wood, nails, and lights, maybe even a timer.


Beth said...

Good luck with sowing your seeds - I tried that this year and learned a valuable lesson - it needs overhead lighting/lamps to grow properly. I put mine in a sunny location and all they did was droop toward the sunlight - what a mess and only few survived :O(

LOVED your grasses in a previous post - they are my new favorites in the garden.
P.S. Was in San Antonio this spring - what a cool city (and I love all the Mexican silver jewelry!!!!)

Dave said...

Sounds like a good seed sale. Of course the great thing about seeds is you can buy them anytime and save them for when you need them!

Brenda Jean said...

OUCH on the finger. Did you put peroxide on it and let it bubble all the germs out? I know, I'm such a nag.

LOVE buying seeds, and you have some of my favorites there. I haven't grown petunias from seed, so blog about it when you do:)

garden girl said...

Ouch! I hope your finger heals fast and well Priscilla. Very nice selection of seeds! Good luck with all the new sprouts!

Muddy Mary said...

Your great seed combo inspires me to try purple basil and nasturtiums together. They would be so eye popping and edible too!
Hope your poor finger is feeling a little better today.

Carla said...

Just the packets alone are beautiful! I'm sorry about you snipping your finger. I've done that before-cutting back something-It hurts and I whined quite a bit about it. So, feel free to whine:)

Gardenista said...

Oooh, there's something about brand new seed packages that is so appealing! That must be a disorder isolated to gardener types. Good luck with your seedlings. I found the purple basil to be an extremely slow grower, so start it early!

Chris said...

Hello there! How are your petunias doing now? I just bought mine so I'm kinda surfing around for petunia care tips.

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I am so sorry about your cut in the finger! Sometimes these things happen, but I think it is part of our work! Hope you get fine soon!