Potting Up

Gaillardia seedlings

Yesterday I finally got around to potting my seedlings and a few things that desperately needed to go into a bigger pot. My gaillardia seedlings got potted. I had more pots then I thought I had bought so that was a good thing. But I didn't have enough to put one seedling in a pot. So I aimed for 3 or less in a pot. I've learned my lesson and will pick out the seedling earlier. Thinning them is just so saddening to me. Throwing away good seedlings is not good in my head. Separating the seedlings was a pain though and I hope they don't go through any transplant shock. If they do I have more seeds that I can start over again.

Dimorphotheca African Moon seedling

My African Daisy seedling went into it's own pot. Sorry I'm bias and thought that the one big African Daisy seedling ranked higher then the Gaillardia seedlings. I really want to see that African Daisy make it. If the Gaillardia don't it's not something I'll be too sad over. Does anyone else feel this away about their plants? That some you really have a place in your heart and others you don't mind if they die. I feel mean saying that especially about seedlings. I'll bet too that once I see the blooms of the African Daisy and the Gaillardia I might just like the Gaillardia more.

morning glories
The shameful Mt. Fuji Morning Glories

I haven't shown my morning glories on my blog in a long while. I had them growing inside in peat pots and they were doing great and even flowering until they just crapped out one day. Really, I'm not sure what happened to them. I'm guessing they didn't like their peat pot home or I just did something wrong. Even though they look badI still have hopes they will make it through. Just maybe they will grow into a great vine still. They look like they have growth coming out of them and still buds forming. Hopefully the new pots and more space will help. I'm sure someone will rag on me for not planting one plant per pot. That probably is the reason that my plants don't do well. I just don't have the heart to throw seedlings out. Also it seems a waste to buy seeds just so I can get one of the seeds to make one plant. My balcony isn't that big that I can have tons of multiples of plants. I have thought of maybe selling the extras or doing trades/swaps. Until I get brave enough to do all that I will suffer with my plants battling it out in their tiny pots. Poor things such a hard life.

evening primrose
My favorite weed! Evening Primrose

I still can't believe that this weed plucked from the apartment complex grass is something I love tons. I love the flowers I love the foliage and how it multiplies. I love how it doesn't hate me if I don't give it enough water. If I had a yard I would love this weed everywhere! Now I have no idea if it chokes out other plants since I have it all by its lonesome. Now my Evening Primrose has a larger home to spread to make more beautiful blooms.

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