Wordless Wednesday

bat faced cuphea
Bat Faced Cuphea


Katarina i Kullavik said...

What a great picture! I just love the way the camera focuses on the flowers in front with that blurred background. It gives such a marvellous depth! Happy WW!
/Katarina (Roses and stuff)

Nancy J. Bond said...

Gorgeous color!

Vanillalotus said...

Katarina- Thank you for the compliment! I love doing the depth of field on my photos. It's my favorite way to photograph many things. I do need a macro lens though as I am still using the lens that came with my camera. Sometimes it can be frustrating because I want to get closer but just can't. Especially when it comes to bug shots.

Nancy- Thank you! I do love the color of these. I need to find some. I've only seen other cuphea type plants but not the bat face. I love the purple red combination of flowers on any plant. It's just very interesting and not commonly seen. Like fuschia.