Green Thumb Sunday Seedling Update

Gaillardia Razzle Dazzle Mix seedlings

My seedlings have been coming along. It's been almost a month now since they have been planted. I really should get the bigger ones out of there and into something bigger. I only have 4 pots, 3 small 4 inch, and one 6 or 8 inch. Really that should be enough to pot what I have. I'm thinking I'll do that in a bit and see how it goes.

Dimorphotheca seedlings

My African Daisies (Dimorphotheca aurantiaca) are doing great. I got the one big seedling that has been growing for 1 month now. A week ago I believe I planted some more. The one seedling was the only one that germinated so I decided to try again. This time I followed what I read online and just very slightly covered them so they wouldn't get blown away. Now I have many more seedlings popping up and getting ready to grow. The first time I planted them I think I stuck them in too deep.

Nemesia seedling

The Nemesia is growing slowly. I have 3 seedlings of Nemesia. One seedling is quite elongated and I'm not sure why. Maybe it just needs to go into a bigger pot but it's not that big. It looks like the one pictured but with a longer stem on it.

Parsley seedlings

My Parsley seedlings have their true leaves now. They are funny frilly edged leaves. I'm glad that I got these as a freebie. I love parsley and use it constantly on my pasta. Pasta just doesn't taste right if it doesn't have parsley. I hope that these do well once the heat and sun get going.

Laurentia seedlings

Never did anything come from the first batch of laurentia I planted. I tried again when I replanted the Dimorphotheca seeds. There are two little seedlings in this one plug. None of the other have come out. I'll try again another month when it gets warmer.

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No Rain said...
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No Rain said...

I agree about the parsley. Everything tastes better with parsley either in or on it! So many folks grow cilantro, and although it tastes good in certain dishes, it doesn't compare to the wide use of parsley. Happy GTS,

Anna said...

I always have to buy Laurentia plants. I'm a big fan of it though. It is worth the money. Beth's Blue is my favorite. If you find that you don't have enough big pots---make them out of newspaper or bags from the grocery store. Old Country Gardens did a post on how to make them. Inexpensive paper drinking cups work well too.

Vanillalotus said...

No Rain- Thank you for stopping by my blog! Everything does taste great with parsley

Anna- This is my first time with Laurentia I might just have to buy a plant next time since my seeds didn't really start but these few. I purchased the blue star creeper I'll need to keep my eyes out for Beth's Blue. Thank you for the tips on pots I will need to look around for other things I have that can be used.