Even More Foliage

Daylilies growing on my balcony.

There are many many Daylilies in my balcony garden. I got so carried away with purchasing them with no worry to where they would go. They take up the biggest chunk of space. I like their foliage so they make a nice addition. There are daylily seeds that I purchased and never got to planting them. They are still in my fridge I'm sure moldy and not good by now. I'm hoping that I will get some blooms from them but I can only hope.

Columbine pushing out leaves but no flowers.

My Columbine has been making leaves like a machine. Right now it has so many new leaves coming out it's crazy. I do hope some blooms come along. I'm sad for my Columbine because it was attacked by the spider mites. Me not thinking put the effected lemon balm close to the Columbine and the mites traveled. I had thought the Columbine leaves looked odd but thought they were just old and dying leaves. I seem to always be fighting the battle against aphids and spider mites.

Peppermint growing like a weed

I had previously called this Spearmint but it's Peppermint. Goes to show how closely I paid attention to what I planted at the beginning of my seed addiction. My peppermint is still infested with aphids. I'm just not diligent enough to spray everyday and see if they disappear. I will have to though and it started yesterday. What a pain and why my mint?

unknown jasmine
The Unknown Jasmine.

The Unknown Jasmine got a nice new soil mix. I noticed it hadn't been growing well. It was planted when I didn't have soil conditioner to give more drainage. Just a few weeks ago it was repotted in the same container but with better soil mix. Now there is new growth. Hopefully it is happy and will take off.

Stock growing happily with the Sweet Peas.

The Stock is doing great along with the Sweet Peas. It has grown nicely. The Stock I transplanted wilts for some reason later in the day. I'm not sure if it's getting used to it's new home or disliking the humid/heat conditions.

The never before seen Astilbe!

This is not a new plant in my garden. I purchased this last year but it came as twigs. It then looked like it had died. Patience was given to see if it was faking death. I waited until early march until the Hosta started to come back right beside it. Well, it must be dead right? Wrong! Just when I purchased a Caldium bulb to take it's place signs of life emerged. Now it's doing great and new leaves are appearing every week. I'm glad I get to see my Astilbe grown now.

hosta invincible
Invincible Hosta, true to it's name.

The Hosta is back. It was doing well in around January but then died away. I hoped it would come back and it did. Now My front door container might just be full soon with the Astilbe and the Hosta growing nicely. The Ajuga doesn't seem to be happy and might just die away.


chey said...

I love all of your photos of the beautiful green foliage! I know what you mean about daylilies...I tend to do the same thing,purchase the ones I want, and then have to create new gardens just to get them in the ground:).

Vanillalotus said...

Hi Chey,
Thank you for visiting my blog. Daylilies are addictive! I was lucky to have enough space and pots for them but they are a bit crowded and could use more space.

ladyluz said...

It's good to see so much coming up for you. I love astilbe and have put some in....no sign yet though.

Catherine said...

I am awaiting for my astilbe to sprout out of the ground. I planted the bulbs in April in GA. My caladiums are going gangbusters, but no sign of the asilbe. Thank you for posting a pic of the astilbe sprout so I know what to expect!