For me? How Generous!

shade container
Shade Container made at school.

Yet again I got more free plants from school. I just can't ever say no to getting these plants that I either grew from seed or in this case containers I made. It was a real struggle to find a place to put these guys. The shade container above was relatively easy since the only shade is my front door. My front door already has a container outside but it's not fairing well and I assume it's because the soil is too dense and things just die after sitting in there for a while.

shade container
rex begonia and ruellia

My shade container has a Rex Begonia not sure the variety and some ruellia/mexican petunia. I hope it does well where I put it because I don't really have another place to put it. It looks nice out there for now. Lets see how long it will survive.

potatovine, grass container
Really big container with Purple Fountain Grass and Sweet Potato Vines.

This container doesn't look too good now but I think it will look great once everything starts to grow. I got the slim pickings of the Sweet Potato vine since everyone wanted to use it. We didn't really have many choices but I like what I did. Even though someone copied me and I think they switched our tags because this one looks a bit meh (off centered etc.) and I don't remember mine looking that way at all. Plus I remember putting it next to my other container on the left side of the greenhouse and this one was on the right side far away from my other container. I'm telling you fowl play. The Sweet Potato Vine will still grow out the Fountain Grass come back to life. I might move this because I put it in the upper left corner of my balcony where it won't get blasted with sun right now. I know it can probably take full sun at least the fountain grass for sure.

candlestick plant
Candlestick Plant (Cassia alata)

Our teacher said we could take the candlestick plants since they were left over from the plant sale. They are really beautiful plants once they get big with these great yellow blooms similar to a shrimp plant bloom. I took one even though I won't have space for it once it starts getting to larger proportions. Maybe by then I can swap it with someone locally or sell it to someone who wants a unique plant in their yard. I noticed yeseterday though they were infested with aphids. I'm not sure if they were like this at the greenhouse at school and that is why he wanted to get rid of them. Most likely it was just infested when it go to my balcony. I had noticed many ants around it and on the neighboring pansy. Ants on my plants means aphids are around. Not sure still if ants eat the aphids or eat the stuff that comes off of the aphids.First I cleaned off the leaves with a soap and water towel. Then I sprayed it with some soap and water and put it in the contamination corner/no blazing sun corner. I'll have to spray it again today and maybe for the next few days or weeks to make sure it's all gone.

By the way another seed offer for those that may want some. My pansies the yellow ones look like they will have seeds. The ants that got on them I think might have pollinated them or something because I see something that looks like a seed forming on two of them. If any of you want some pansy seeds of the yellow and purple kind just give me a holler and I'll gladly send some over.
Other seeds I have to give:
Red Yucca
Grape Hyacinth
Pink Snapdragon
White Columbine (was supposed to be blue and white)*coming soon still on the plant

I know these aren't unique but someone might want some.


Katarina i Kullavik said...

I can't say no to offered plants either. I think the ones you got look great. I especially liked the Purple fountain Grass - I quite like dark plants at the moment.

Meems said...

I haven't thought of Rex Begonia in ages but I sure do like it and now I think I must secure some at least for a container. Your mexican petunia will want lots of sun in order to bloom and your fountain grass will require the same for those wonderful fluffy plumes to show up. I just love fountain grass... I've tried them in pots and they just get so large I keep having to move them to the garden... but that's okay because they are such a great accent.

You are doing a great job with all your containers!
Meems @Hoe&Shovel

Vanillalotus said...

Katarina-I like the dark plants too right now. I'm tired of all the green I have. I seem to always be getting free plants now that I am running out of space. Before when I had tons of room I couldn't find any free plants.

Meems- My mexican petunia actually got a bloom yesterday and has many buds forming. I think it is in an area that it gets enough sun to bloom. It's not complete shade it gets filtered sun throughout the whole day. Thank you for the compliment. I love fountain grass too.