San Antonio Japanese Tea Garden Plants and More

berry plant tea gardens
Some fruiting small tree or shrub.

Generally when I go anywhere I take lots of photos. I'm trying to break that habit by being really picky with my photos. Having a digital camera makes it so easy to take 200 or more and not want to delete any. I did okay with the Tea Gardens but I'm aiming for better photos and less of them.

The first thing I took a picture of was this fruiting tree or shrub. It's one that I think is fairly common and I'm certain I've seen before. I'm still trying to learn about trees and shrubs but I'm having a hard time learning. I'm a fan of fruiting shrubs and their little flowers.

bougainvillea tea gardens
Bougainvillea trailing by the pond.

I'll always have love for Bougainvilleas. They are super popular here but I still like them. I'm not one to not like a plant because everyone likes it. This one looked so nice up against the yellow/seafoam green of the pond. The light was really harsh as we got there at around 5pm. It was a struggle to get any photos that weren't washed out. I'm used to the northeastern light at 5pm when it really wasn't harsh. Also back when I lived there I took black and white photos. Maybe if I as taking black an white photos I would have faired better since I really like contrast in them.

castor bean tea gardens
castor bean tea gardens
Castor Bean plant.

Another plant that is really popular here. At the Botanical Gardens many people who travel to visit take some seeds with them. They are used to the green ones and are amazed by this purple/red variety we have down here. The Botanical Garden is willing to give seeds to those who ask just don't take them without asking. Also don't take an abundance of every seed you see. It has happened before. Anyways, back to the Castor Bean. I would love one of these if only my dog wasn't such a plant nipper. So far she hasn't eaten anything she nips besides the herbs. I just have a feeling she would get to it. My husband asked me if that was a marijuana plant.....I'll say no more.

Mexican Bush sage tea gardens
Mexican Bush Sage.

Next is this great plant. I think it is Mexican Bush Sage. My first thought was that it was a mealy cup sage. A nice fellow garden blogger kindly pointed out it was not. I love the sages and lavenders. To me they look very whimsical with their purple blooms floating about the foliage.

calibrachoa tea gardens

These Calibrachoa were everywhere in the center. I love their vibrant colors and how well their flowers hold their shape. I do believe these are Calibrachoa..if not do correct me. I like these more then the normal large flower petunias there were also around. The large Petunias just get so floppy and wilty looking.

orchid tree tea gardens
Orchid Tree

Another plant that I think I know what it is. This is what my research led me to believe to be an Orchid Tree. My husband had asked me what it was and I had no idea. I had never seen this tree before. It has some lovely flowers on it.

ivy tea gardens
Ivy on the rock cliffs.

When going towards the waterfall I couldn't help but notice the ivy. I love ivy, trailing, and climbing plants. I would have taken a better picture if I wasn't on a thin bridge with a kid pushing me and his father running in my direction. No the father wasn't mad I guess was just play chasing after his son. I wish that bridge was a bit wider, it's just so cramped for more then one person.

flowering bush tea gardens

This is an unknown plant. I have no idea what it is or what to start looking under. Is it a bush? No idea but I feel like I have seen it before. This plant was by the waterfall on the edge of the pond. I like to see blooms on bare branches.

palm tea garden
Some kind of Palm.

Palms are always so interesting to see. I'm still not used to seeing so many palms. My entire life I rarely ever saw one. Now they are everywhere. I'm not sure what kind this is but I love how the leaves are all scatter around. I don't know the terminology for palms either.

koi tea garden
Koi in the Pond

Who doesn't like Koi. They are elegant and lovely in their patterns. There were many small ones but not many big ones. I'm not sure if they were just hiding. I had read that they had released a hundred or so Koi. Maybe many of them didn't make it.

mountain laurel tea gardens
mountain laurel tea gardens
Mountain Laurel.

I've been waiting to take a picture of the Mountain Laurel. Every time I go out and see some I never have my camera. The sun was really harsh and it was hard to get a photo I liked. I still didn't get one I really like so I'll have to try at another time. The smell of Mountain Laurel is wonderful. This was on the path leading away from the Tea Gardens to no where really. There was some lantana blooming also but I couldn't get the photo not to be washed out.

succulent or cacti tea garden
Super Large Agave.

These are Agaves (Thank you fellow garden blogger for the id). These plants were HUGE. They were around 10 ft or maybe even more. I was so shocked to see these. They must have been growing here for quite a while.
What was next to these large plants was a shock too.

cat tea garden
Cat in a box drinking water.

There was a cat. In this cabinet that was made into a water hole. All around this in the surrounding plants were these boxes/mini houses with hay in them. They were chained to the surrounding plants. There were tons of little black plastic dishes with cat food in them. I was truly surprised. I guess a lot of stray cats are over in this area and someone feeds them and build houses for them. It was just a shock to see this scene.


gintoino said...

Its always so nice to see gradens from other parts of the globe, isn't it? I believe the plant you named Mealy Cup Sage (Salvia farinacea) is in fact Salvia leucantha (Mexican bush sage) and the large cactus is in fact an agave (Agave americana) or century plant.
BTW, thank you for the help with the orange rust :-)

Nancy J. Bond said...

Great photos...such beautiful color!

Anonymous said...

The palm picture is awesome. Wonder what kind it is. I am not familiar with palm species. Nice pics!

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Picture is awesome..Great palm..such beautiful color!