Blooming Up A Storm


Most of my plants are just blooming their heads off. It's nice to see all these great flowers that I have patiently been waiting for. My favorites are the ones I've sown from seed. When I see a grown plant with wonderful blooms that I sowed it's a feeling like no other. I don't get the same feeling about flower blooms on plants I already bought full grown. I didn't see them grow up. Also most likely I saw other plants at the nursery in bloom but bought the one with buds. Things are really starting to get lush and fill in over here. I'll show everyone some pictures soon of my hopefully soon to be jungle balcony.

You were supposed to be Sweet William not a Candytuft.

Can we say confused?!?! This whole time I thought my 3 super large plants were sweet william. This looks like a candytuft. But these suckers are around 16-18" tall! The candytuft that was sown in the same container never got this tall. There is still one in there and it's only around 6 inches with not so thick of a stem. I'm confused really I am. I like the plants but I like to know what they are. This shows me never to sow a mix of seeds.

sweet william


Milla said...

Came here from Zoe's Garden Hopping - I adore gardening, but don't blog about it. I love your photos: that mix of extreme up close perfect detail, blurry background and gorgeous colour.

Nancy J. Bond said...

All your blooms are beautiful -- sometimes it's nice to be surprised!

Jane Marie said...

Creativity is nothing more than adjusting to a mistake. You're on the right track by the look of those pics.

Cinj said...

I agree, surprise are nice. It also give you some variety. Variety IS the spice of life!

chey said...

Not Sweet William but a sweet surprise nonetheless! I love your beautiful white columbines as well!

Anna said...

It's a bloom which means success. Are you sure? Some sweet william looks like candy tuft or phlox. It still could be sweet william. Sweet William is real sturdy. Whatever it is is beautiful.

The Garden Monkey said...


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