A New Bloom and Some Oldies

laura bush petunia
Say Hello to the Laura Bush Petunia.

The Laura Bush Petunia is blooming. My little seed has become a big plant already with great blooms. I love this color it's so rich. It's one of those colors that are hard to capture but I think I did a good job.


My Godetia has been blooming well. I love the blooms but have learned that it probably doesn't do well here which is why the lower leaves are all gone. This has to be my first bad experience with a plant that does not do well here. So far I have been lucky in selecting plants that fair well in the hot sun and heat.


This is the Armeria blooming again. I think this does not do well here either or I did something to kill it. It has become limp instead of the foliage standing straight. The same for the old blooms. I'm not sure if that just happens and then new foliage comes up. Could it be root rot or maybe it got too dried out. It's in a pot with the Columbine and not blooming Campanula. The Columbine I believe has spider mites but it's been blooming anyways. All these are in a terra cotta pot which dries has to be watered every other day or everyday. Darn those pots.

sweet william pinnocho
Sweet William Pinocchio Mix

Why when I purchases mixes they have a habit of not being mixed. The sweet william has started to bloom again while the old blooms die off. Not sure if I will get seed from this. If I do I will surely keep it and see if the seeds are true.

Off to get ready to go to school. I think I have the day off today from work (I hope). I have many things to do today and I really want to go to the Botanical Gardens. But I have to really clean up the place and mail out some things and whatever else. I think I can take some time to go to the Botanical Gardens right after class but I'm hoping I don't get caught up and stay there too long and then miss out on mailing my packages again.


Digital Flower Pictures said...

What the heck go to the Botanical Gardens! I am trying to get to the New York Botanical Garden in the next couple of weeks since the rock garden is filled with such rare treats in the spring.

VL you have been posting some great pictures. Keep up the good work.


garden girl said...

Priscilla, I'm always so impressed with your photography skills when I visit your blog. Your blooms are lovely.

Anna said...

Hey, I didn't forget I was going to send you some seeds. I've been trying to get my beds finished. You are probably winding down in your zone with plant shipments--but we are just gearing up here and I think they are going to kill me at the nursery. Sorry some of your plants didn't make it--but I'd be rich if I had the money for all the plants I've killed.

Cinj said...

Who needs to clean when there's a botanical garden calling your name?