The Seedling Gang

Statice Sinuata Blend seedlings in their tray before being transplanted.

I really wanted to post today about the great surprises I got over the past couple of days. Instead I'll update on the seedlings since some have been transplanted yesterday into bigger containers. I know if I don't post now about the seedlings then soon you will all see them grown up and wonder when did that happen and so will I in the future when I look back.

Statice was transplanted into it's own pot. I transplanted all but 2 which were smaller then the others. I thought I would give them some time to grow up and maybe they will get in a pot with some lobelia or rock soapwort once they are bigger. The Statice got big fast. It seemed everyday they were just growing and growing. I couldn't procrastinate any longer on transplanted them. They clearly needed a bigger space to grow better.

After work yesterday since I was close to my favorite nursery and bookstore I went shopping. First stop was half price books to see if they had anything I might want that was not too expensive. I found a wonderful book after much searching. It's called smallgarden: ideas for balconies, terraces & backyards by john brookes. Really it's just more about the small backyards then balconies and terraces. I loved all the pictures in the book that provides a lot of inspiration and ideas. I wish it had more on balconies though. It had two pages and the balconies were those bare ones with a few pots of 1 or 2 plants. Sure it looks good for like a hotel or something but not for a gardener.

Then I went to my nursery and looked around at plants. This has to be the first time I didn't buy any plants but just what I intended on getting in the first place. I didn't even buy seeds! I got some potting soil. They had a new brand from Austin that is organic and all that jazz. I purchased it to try it out because anything made locally is a good thing, right? Well so far it looks like good potting soil I'll have to see how the plants like it. And I got some perlite too since I ran out. I really need soil moist for when I go on vacation for about 2 weeks. I was about to get a hummingbird feeder since I have seen them around. Now I am wishing I had and not passed it by.

bunny tails grass
Bunny Tails Grass

Enough about that, back to the seedlings. The Bunny Tails Grass is starting to grow faster and get more blades going. I transplanted it into a rectangular pot with the nemesia and laurentia. I'm hoping it will do okay but it really had hardly any roots at all. I'm not even sure how it is standing in the soil right now.


The Nemesia has long been overdue for a transplant. I think where I put the pot that I transplanted it in is not a good location for it. The Nemesia is dry at the end of it's leaves and I assume maybe from the sun. I don't think it will make it in the container but at least I try.

Rock Soapwort

These did not get tranplanted. They are still small but are starting to grow more now. The Rock Soapwort was stalled for a bit. It takes a while for these seeds to germinate. I had sown more after the first time because I didn't get anything to sprout. Now I have about 6 of them and every once in awhile another one will germinate. I do have a surprise seed in one of the cells that is not a rocksoapwort and I'm not sure what it could be. It might have been something I previously had sown in those cells that did not germinate at all. I can't remember what I had in it's place, maybe cascade petunia or gazania kiss rose?

Lobelia Crystal Palace

I'm in love with these little Lobelia seedlings. Their little round leaves are just so cute. They were also slow to germinate but now I keep getting new little sprouts. Each cells has around 2 when before I only had 2 or 3 to begin with. These did not get transplanted either since they are still tiny.

big mountain parsley
Big Mountain Parsley

Here are the big boys. This parsley has really taken off in the month that it has been in it's new container. I swear everyday these look bigger and bigger. I tasted some and they are great but haven't used them to cook yet. I just don't have the heart to cut their growing when they are doing so good.


Digital Flower Pictures said...

Its great watching all your stuff growing. Have you thought of propagation as a career path in horticulture? I think you would be excellent at it.

We use Soil moist too and I try and buy the potting soil with already inside.


Lets Plant said...

Great post!! Excellent pictures!!

Julie said...

You remind me of my Grandmother, in that she absolutely loved propagation...she owned a nursery in Plant City, Florida, and if you have ever been to Busch Gardens...at the entry... it is lined with extremely tall Potocarpus...they bought them from my grandmother probably 30 years ago or so! I was astonished to learn this, and I was so proud to have such an amazing woman for my grandma!!! Congrats on your true love of propagation!!!

Aunt Debbi/kurts mom said...

I love the bunny tail grass. I try to grow it every year. It is supposed to be a perennial here, but it never has come back for me.

Sue Swift said...

Long overdue for a transplant - that just about describes all my seedlings at the moment too. If I don't get a move on I'm going to be harvesting zucchini from the seed pots ...

Nancy said...

I'm lagging behind on my transplanting and potting up as well.

I need more potting soil!

Anna said...

Seems like I remember studying hormones in plants and how when the days get longer and sun angle--all that jazz..plants rev up their growth rate?? something like that. I'm sure you'll know more about that. I quit worrying about it when the teacher said--passed.

Your balcony is getting smaller by the day. I'm worried about your vacation?? Who is going to water? Where is the dog staying? If the plants are in pots, I know a way to drip water the plants slowly with 2 ltr water bottles--but they got to be out of those seedling pots first. Let me know if you want the info on that.

Vanillalotus said...

Chris- I'm glad you could stop over! I have thought of propagation as a career. When I do my internship I will get some time doing just that. I love growing from seed but I'll just have to find that position wherever I end up living at.

Lets plant- Thank you

Julie- No I have never been to Busch Gardens. What a great story about your grandmother! That is amazing. I can only hope I might be able to have a little nursery that I can sell my plants grown from seed.

aunt debbi- I'm ecited to see the bunny tail grass. It looks so great in the pictures and it's not huge. I wonder if it will come back here.

Sue Swift- Get transplanting. I just took a while because I ran out of potting soil.

Nancy- Go to the garden center and get some potting soil. I'd do it for you I love transplanting seedlings.

Anna- No I'm not too sure about the hormones of plants. I haven't researched that yet.

I know my balcony is starting to lose space but still I have enough. Really the seed tray just takes up more space on the right side. I'm worried about my vacation too. I just had plans to get some soil moist and bring all the pots inside except for the vines I have growing. I was going to add soil moist to my pots and maybe insert wicks. My plan is to ask a friend to come by and check on them at the end of the first week. I'm not sure if I am going to be in Arkansas for 1 week or 2. I keep on having this vision of bringing my pots inside and potting the pots in tubs with dirt and have that watered and with plenty of soil moist so that they can just wick it up from the dirt the pots are on. But i would have to get more soil then dumb it back in bags when I come back. I'm sure I will hopefully figure something out. I'm just going to try the wicking in a few days to see how successful it is.