Seedling Update Continued

mt fuji morning glory
Lt Blue Mt Fuji Morning Glory

The thing I love most about vines is that they get big fast. There is nothing more gratifying then getting a big seedling in half the normal time. I'm hoping this Mt Fuji Morning Glory will do better then the other 5 seeds I sowed in winter that just aren't doing well. The other 5 I thought would maybe revive themselves but they are stunted at the size of this one. I got a bloom a few days ago but it's just not growing at all. Ipomoea x imperialis Mt. Fuji is an annual vine that gets around 8ft tall. It tolerates drought, likes full sun, and blooms mid summer to late fall. Sown 3-28-08 Sprouted 4-1-08.

heavenly angels mix peony poppy
Heavenly Angels Mix Peony Poppies

Previous I had tried to grow these peony poppies. I sowed them last fall and they grew to 2-3" tall. Then probably from dropping the tiny peat pot several times they just didn't make it. They are so easy to mess up in my experience. I'm trying again to grow the poppy seeds. Papaver Paeoniflorum Mix are annuals that get around 2-3' tall. Blooms in summer, likes full sun, and reseeds it's self. Sown 3-28-08 sprouted 4-2-08. Venus Poppy sown 3-28-08 sprouted 4-2-08.

laurentia axillaris
Laurentia Blue Star Creeper

The very slow growing Laurentia seedlings. There are still only two that I got to sprout. I didn't try to plant more seeds because it grows painfully slow. I'm just hoping these two make it and something doesn't go wrong. Laurentia axillaris gets about 6" tall, like sun to part shade, and blooms in summer. It's a half hardy annual that is good for containers, borders, baskets, and more.

statice sinuata blend
Statice Sinuata Blend

I'm got many seedlings of Statice going strong, about 6 of them. Limonium sinuatum is an annual that gets 2' tall. It likes full sun, is drought tolerant, and heat tolerant. Sown 3-28-08 Sprouted 3-30-08.

Others that I have sown

Hare's Tail Grass- Sown 3-28-08 Sprouted 4-3-08. Sown 4-6-08 Sprouted.....
Lobelia Crystal Palace- Sown 3-28-08 Sprouted 4-6-08
Hyacinth Bean Vine- Sown 3-27-08 Sprouted 4-2-08. Sown 4-2-08 Sprouted 4-7-08
Phlox of Sheep-Sown 4-2-08 Sprouted....
Delphinium Summer Blues- Sown 4-2-08 Sprouted....


Nancy said...

Your container garden is going to be lovely and the envy of all your neighbors!

Digital Flower Pictures said...

It is amazing how fast some vines grow.

Zoƫ said...

Look forward to seeing the Morning Glory Bloom, they are such beautiful flowers.

You must have green fingers, the seeds seem to be doing so well

garden girl said...

Priscilla, I'm looking forward to seeing your seedlings progress. You have such a nice variety of plants on your balcony.

Vanillalotus said...

nancy- I think my balcony is the only one on this size of the complex with this many plants. Another balcony gardener has many too but her balcony is smaller.

digital- gotta love the vines and their speedy growth.

zoe- I love their blooms! My other ones that aren't fairing well did bloom and occasionally try to bust one out but it doesn't open all the way. I wish I had green fingers my seeds aren't that big and I have some slow pokes growing right now.

garden girl- I like many varieties and right now I'm just experimenting with what I can grow and what I like. Pretty much I just pick what likes full sun and see if it's a plant I'll want for later. I'm so new to plants and gardening that many I have never seen or heard of. Do stick around for the seedling. I love to grow the seeds so I'm sure I'll always have some growing.

sjp8987 said...


I found your blog by google search statice seedling. I am interested to know how yours are doing now. I put mine outside about a month ago but they dont' seem to be getting any bigger! I'm in college too, so it's nice to see another college gardener. If you want, my blog is http://www.greeneggsandsam8.blogspot.com

I update mine as often as I can with my plant pictures.