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white petunias
White Petunias

As tired as I am of Petunias I still love taking pictures of my white ones. They are just bursting with blooms and I hardly find any old ones to pick off. At work we get in tons of petunias. We have a whole table filled with wave petunias. Half of our six pack table is petunias. Our Petunias just don't do well at the stores because they either don't get watered enough don't get enough sun or get fried. Finally yesterday I could throw out some of those ugly Petunias. We had gotten a load of six packs in with no where to put them. The Petunias just weren't selling any more. My boss just said throw out the uglies and the ones no longer flowering. Now that the Petunias are gone I don't feel so much hate towards them any more. Now my new found hate is Celosia. We have tons of six pack Celosia. I put around 12 flats under the six pack table and then converted half of the 4 inch table for some more flats of six packs. Why did we get so many, no one really likes them here because everyone just complains how leggy and gross they look later on?

hyacinth bean vine
Hyacinth Bean Vine New Leaves

My Hyacinth Bean Vines have got some nice new leaves growing. I'm patiently waiting for them to get taller so I can pot them in a bigger planter and start their way on the trellis. I need to figure a way to keep the trellis up. I'm sure I'll figure something out but any ideas are welcome. I have it up against the siding of the building so I'm not sure I can stick anything to the wall really. I'll deal with that at another time. I gave my boss the rest of my hyacinth bean seeds because he moved into a new house and lost his other ones. There would be no way I could have any more vines on my balcony. I have 2 corkscrew vines, a clematis, jasmine, and maybe the bougainvillea if I want it that way. I'm pushing my vine limit. The clematis has kind of halted for the past month and hasn't gotten any bigger or any new leaves. I'm wondering if it will stay this way or if it's just warming up.

myrtle spurge
Myrtle Spurge

I love to look at the Myrtle Spurge seedlings. Their new leaves make them look like they are screaming. I'm surprised I like them so far since I really didn't want to plant them at all. I've been searching for some sedum because I feel like the only gardener that does not have one. There are some at work but not that I like. I just might have to resort to an internet purchase if I don't find anything at the local nurseries. They must have some because they carry a lot of wonderful unique plants.


Nancy J. Bond said...

The petunias are beautiful -- nice shot. Petunias are a favorite around here because they seem to grow well and you get a lot of showy bang for your buck, so to speak. I just hate dead-heading them. :)

GardenJoy4Me said...

Those are so pretty ! I love "white" in the garden .. it just seems to shine and shimmer. I know petunias have been around forever .. but I still love them in these new colours and always in white ! nice shots !

Zoƫ said...

The Petunias are lovely - are yours fragrant too? I often add some Purple and blue ones too hanging baskets in summer, for their fragrance alone.

rusty in miami said...

I never tired of Petunias, but this is end of the growing season in my area, they don’t do well in our summer heat. I have a few left in hanging baskets but they are not looking their best any more.
PS – That is a great picture you took.

Amy said...

What a gorgeous photo - I think it could even make me like petunias :) I must admit I have a bias...too many scrawny petunias laid out in columns and rows as though someone used graph paper. It's not really fair as it isn't the flower's fault!

Cinj said...

What a lovely photo! I like petunias, but mine tend to end up looking leggy late in the season. I'd never throw them away though. Wouldn't they even sell at a discounted price? I'm sure there are some gardeners out there who would buy them even though they're not blooming (especially if they're inexpensive enough).

Vanillalotus said...

Nancy J- They do give you a nice show if you take care of them. We don't always get enough rain down here and people don't have enough time to water them as they should. So you can see a lot of abused petunias around. I actually like deadheading mine, I like to pick at my plants.

Joy- I'm really love the white too Joy. My normal choice always goes to pink for some reason but once I got one white blooming plant now I want more. Petunias can have wonderful colors now. I always get people asking me for the whites. Thank you for the compliment.

Zoe- No I don't believe my Petunias are fragrant I'll have to go sniff them now.

Rusty- I believe the Petunia season is coming to an end here too. Atleast I hope it is. They don't do good in the heat here either. Thank you for the compliment.

Amy- Exactly how I feel about Petunias! People missuse them and just make them look aweful. Seeing all that in the landscape and at work is just so bad for the Petunias. They do look wonderful when someone takes care of them.

Cinj- I have thought the same thing about discounting them but there just isn't enough people that will buy plants that don't look good. I know I would be one to buy a discounted plant if all it needed was some care. We just can't do that but the person at the register might be able to discount something if the customer finds a six pack with a plant that has died in it or something along on those lines. For my company they only get paid for when the plants sell. You'd be surprised how things fly off the shelf that were there before but you put better healthier blooming ones in it's place. People like deals but they want good looking plants for those deals.

The Garden Faerie said...

My hyacinth beans just sprouted over the weekend in my winter sowing containers. I love their color and venation! And they turn into such cool-looking plants. I just wish I'd bought some elephant ears to go with them!
~ Monica

Sue Swift said...

Ugly petunias ??? That's a contradiction in terms isn't it?
I'm surprised Rusty says they don't do well in the heat - they're one of the few plants which really lap up the heat and sun I get on the balcony. How hot does it get there?
But I agree with Nancy - dead heading them is yucky.

Annie in Austin said...

Sometimes clematis just sit there for a year or so, Vanillalotus, with no signs of growth above ground while they concentrate on roots. I hope that's what your clematis is doing!

Two old sayings might apply here:

Roots in the shade; head in the sun.

First year sleep, second year creep, third year leap.

They're not always true but they're mostly true!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Vanillalotus said...

The Garden Faerie- Is it too late to buy elephant ears. I've never planted elephant ears so not sure when you are supposed to plant them. I love hyacinth beans even though this is my first time growing one. I got the seeds from a neighboring apartment dweller when their hyacinth bean vine made pods. Good luck with yours!

Ugly Petunias- Not so contradictory over here. There are many ugly Petunias when they don't get enough light, too much blazing sun and not enough water. Here right now it gets around the high 80's but the sun is just killer. It's hard to keep things alive down here but I'm sure when Petunias are taken care up they are beautiful. So far I like the ones I have, white and red, but I water mine often and they have faired better then the ones at work. It gets really hot down here in the upper 90's once summer hits.

Annie- I was hoping the Clematis was just taking a bit to get started. It sprouted just a few months ago when all it was was a twig. But it's been at a standstill since then. I have some sweet william (dianthus barbatus) growing in the same pot to shield the roots and provide shade. I have it on the shader corner but it still gets plenty of sun that it should grow. I hope your saying are right. I won't throw it out that is for sure I have lots of patience when it comes to plants.

http://mimah-lovelypetunia.blogspotcom said...

Nice blog.. I love white petunias!