Garden Bloggers Bloom Day: Blooming in the Hot South

evening primrose
Evening Primrose

It's that time again! Another month has flown by. I think the months go by fast when you have blooms to post for BLOOM DAY!!! Yeah! Thank you to Carol from May Dreams Gardens for putting this wonderful event together. Make sure to visit her post and all the others that have blooms to share on April 15th.

I've been busy and wish I had been able to post earlier. You know homework and all that jazz that goes on in life. Anyways enjoy my blooms. So far it's been the month with the most blooms. I'll be seeing if maybe I can top this month some other time.

hibiscus rose
Hibiscus Rose. Really doesn't look like this right now but there are 3-4 buds starting to open up. I just couldn't leave it out because of that.

red petunia
red petunia
The Red Petunias in the hanging basket and blooming full blast.

white columbine
My White Columbine that was supposed to be blue and white is profusely blooming also. I wonder if I'll be getting seeds from them.

Armeria Joystick Mix is about to get another burst of color. There are around 5 new buds coming up. I'm awaiting for the old blooms to dry out so I can collect the seeds. It's hard to tell with these when they are fully ready.

Knotweed still blooming since last year. It's leaves have gotten a bit ragged and worn. It has many new leaves popping up to make it look better again.

My husbands Pansies are doing well. So far they had blue blooms and now yellow and purple blooms. There are some new buds for more blue blooms.

white petunias
Like the red Petunias the white Petunias are just blooming away. They are really enjoy their time. I have been deadheading them since saving seeds isn't really worth it. Petunias are available in such an abundance it's cheap to get a six pack in any color imaginable.

The Cockscomb Celosia has a little bloom on it. It has finally started to grow some more and should be getting bigger soon.

Candytuft all in purples are starting to bloom. Soon there will be a great show of purple on their side of the balcony.

cocktail vodka begonia
Always going strong is the Cocktail Vodka Begonia. I still love them and they have given non stop blooms for months now. Once they start who knows when they will stop.

godetia bud
Finally I got to see the Godetia. The buds have been there for what seems like forever. They are so pretty! I wish I could get more of my seeds to grow so I could see more of these beauties. The lower leaves are still dieing but I'm not sure why. It's time to do some research and see if I can find out what is going on.

sweet william pinocchio
Sweet William Pinocchio Mix making a wonderful show. They pink color has started to fade as the blooms are past their prime. No worries there are more buds soon to show up.

Last but not least the Snapdragon. 2 nice spikes of flowers are a bloom in their pretty pink. Another spike looks a bit funky since it bloomed and went to seed then rebloomed above the seeds. Just today the seed pod that was on the spike that broke off months ago is dry. I popped it up and tons of little specks of seeds came out. Not only that but I plucked off the seed pods that were still hanging on outside. Now I have around 10 pods drying. I'll be swimming in Snapdragon seeds.


rusty in miami said...

That balcony of yours is looking good. I love the color of the Hibiscus, I need to plant some in my garden, Hibiscus and Florida gardens go together.

Hinsley Ford said...

UNbelieveable pics! So beautiful! I admire your work a great deal. I am so not capable of this :)

Just stopping by through Lintys' blog....


Anna said...

You keep having more and more blooms to post. Is it getting crowded on the deck? You must be tired too. I bet finals are coming up. My son's semester is over next week i think. Will you work all summer or just till the middle of June. I think mine is only till the middle of June. The break will be good for you.

Vanillalotus said...

Rusty- Thank you for the compliment. You should get a Hibiscus they are wonderful.

Hinsley- Thank you for visiting my blog and for the great comment!

Anna- My Balcony is getting a bit full! Not too full I'm trying to control myself. I haven't really bought any plants for a while but I keep on getting free ones and of course seeds. Yes my semester is almost over I have 2 weeks of class then the first week of may is testing. Merchandising does end in June but I will start my internship soon afterwards and be full time. I will also have an internship class to take in the summer and a pest class in the summer too. I'm a busy bee but I will hopefully get a break before June to go and visit some family.

ladyluz said...

Such a lovely selection and I love the combinations of deep pinks, lavenders, dazzling purples. They must give you so much pleasure.

mike in ft pierce fl said...

Fantastic bloom pictures! Some of the colors are so rich. Keep up the great balcony gardening.

Annie in Austin said...

Happy Blooming Day, Vanillalotus - you have a lot of flowers this month - guess you are learning more and more with time and experience. Getting godetia to bloom in SA is quite a feat!

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

Carol said...

Wonderful blooms. All on a balcony, right? Looks like a great place to relax and do homework.

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Vanillalotus said...

ladyluz- Thank you. They do give me please my blooms now that they are out and my plants are growing.

Mike- Thank you I try to get my photo colors as accurate as I can. I'm starting to really get the hang of the balcony gardening even though there is a lot that I would change now if I had the heart.

annie- I hope I'm learning more! Mostly all the plants I bought last year and all the seeds I planted have started to bloom instead of just being foliage. I'm surprised I got Godetia too I've never seen the plant anywhere. I do wish it's leaves weren't falling off though I'm not sure what is going on.

Carol- Yep all those are on my balcony. I have almost 60 different plants out there if you can believe that I know I have a hard time. It's not all that full yet but I love to sit next to my plants and bask in the sun with the pup everyday.