Grape Hyacinth Seeds

grape hyacinth seeds

Grape Hyacinth seeds and opened seed pod.

My Grape Hyacinths made seed pods a few weeks ago. Since then I have been waiting for them to dry. I noticed some today were ready. I got 10 seeds so far and still some pods to pick when they are dried some more. I need to research a bit to see how long it will take to get anything from the seeds. Maybe I'll trade or give them to someone who can put them in their yard and be surprised one day when they show up.

grape hyacinth seeds
All 10 Grape Hyacinth seeds.


Anna--Flowergardengirl said...

They look healthy--bravo!

Marie said...


Happy weekend!

garden girl said...

Very cool Priscilla! I'm a bit of a compulsive preener, and usually deadhead most of my blooming things after the flowers are spent.

When I was little my mom planted four-o-clocks, and I used to like to collect the seeds for her so she could use them the next year and wouldn't have to buy more seeds. Four-o-clocks are easy, because the seeds are so big.

I've been doing my propagating by dividing and by cuttings. I used to plant seeds for my veggie garden, but I there's too much shade here for veggies. I collected heirloom tomato seeds when I had a vegetable garden, and sometimes lettuce seeds.

This year for the first time I'm starting some seedlings from purchased seeds - purple coneflowers, candytuft, johnny jump-ups, columbine, cilantro, and some lettuces I'm trying on the patio before the trees leaf out.

I'd forgotten the enjoyment of seed saving. Your post has motivated me to leave some spent blooms on my plants for seed collecting. It will be fun to experiment with this. Thanks!