Wordless Wednesday: Puppy Time

Kasha the pup


Marsha said...

ahhhhhh! My Ginger has had several of these. I end up with loose string all over my house because she shreds them! My house stays much nicer when her toys are made of hard rubber that she can't destroy! lol

I'm late getting up this week... still recovering from a long and hard weekend but you can find me here:

JustSome Thoughts

Happy WW!

Lets Plant said...

What a gorgeous puppy!! Great pictures too!!!

chey said...

Beautiful puppy!! Love the lighting in your photos. Is that a smile for the camera in the last shot:)?

Tink *~*~* said...

Beautiful dog, and great pics. I think I have to bookmark you for later, so I can enjoy all of your flowers and plants when I have more time. Thanks for sharing, and do stop by my place sometime.

Tink *~*~*

notsocrafty.com said...

What a gorgeous dogs, I've only seen one or two of these in person. It's such a pretty breed.

Viooltje said...

Awesome photos. And what an adorable puppy. Sweeeeeet! Might be a wordless post but those beautiful little eyes say it all!

Anna said...

Look at all that love! Seems like a dog you would have. I can tell the toy is well played with. The puppy seems happy too. Your baby is so well groomed too. This may be your best ww yet. I loved it.

Vanillalotus said...

marsha- I surprisingly don't get string bits everywhere, really she probably just eats them. Hard rubber toys are impossible with her because she chews those to pieces. I tried so many toys and all she can have is the rope and balls.

tink- Thank you for dropping by! Please do come back later I always have many photos to show. Even if you don't leave a comment you are always welcome to come back and look.

not so crafty- Shiba Inus were one of the dogs I always wanted. Really I thought they were bigger but she's a perfect size. We have shiba inu meet up every once in a while. They are beautiful! Me and my husband want a black and tan one some day.

anna- Aww thank you for all the kind words, blush. She loves her rope since it's the only toy she can really chew on. We used to get her the plastic bones but she chew them to pieces and it's the little plastic bits that come off. She just want to pick at them. She is very well loved. We just got a furminator to get all her undercoat out, but even before that she doesn't take much grooming at all. She's a happy little one very playful, smart, but she likes to pick at the carpet from time to time and it drives me crazy. We have a few holes around that I really need to cover up and not with a box or candles, ha.

Thank you everyone for the kind words. All those that are new and dropped by thank you for visiting. Please do come back even if you don't leave a comment I have many pictures to look at.

Pam/Digging said...

He looks like a little fox. How cute!

Blackswamp_Girl said...

Oooh... she's too cute!!! :)