No New House and No Yard

So being a balcony gardener isn't bad. I'm just like everyone else that wants more space in their home. Also like every gardener I want a yard to dig in and plant many things in. Yesteray my husband and I were talking about if we had a home it would be so nice. Our dog has chewed some 4 small 2"holes in the carpet. More like she picks out the carpet fibers and just for no reason. I would like to have my own home were I could get different carpet, paint the walls, etc. All the things that home owners like to do to make the place their own. Plus we would like another room since we are cramped for space. More like I want another room because my art and crafting takes up space. It's frustrating to want to draw paint do whatever in an area that is shared with your husband and computers with not much desk space.

Okay now to the backyard. I would love one being a gardener. I want to dig gosh darnit! I want to be able to get shrubs and trees and do it up my way. Its okay container gardening but I can't get many plants I wish I could. Plus all my plants have to be full sun lovers or they will die. Also again with my dog. She would probably be better if she could have a yard to run in and be outside when she wants to instead of locked up with us. She is a ball of energy and a dog that needs constant stimulation. It's hard to play with her when people live downstairs and her mother and father are computer addicts.

Where is all of this leading to? Well, my husband is in the military. We can get base housing were it's pretty much free to get a house and they pay for it. You get a yard and can do pretty much anything to your home except with some rules. When we moved to San Antonio last year we put ourselves on the housing list. Our lease expired a month or two ago. We called them and they said nothing would be open for awhile. Because of this we renewed our lease for 13 months. Today my husband got a call that guess what, it's our turn to pick a house. Well thank you but now we can't get out of our lease. The only way to get out is to find someone that will want to live here and we can just switch the lease over to them. I don't think that will happen.

Sadly now for another year I will remain a balcony gardener. I'll have to deal with the stress of babysitting my dog 24/7 so she doesn't chew at the carpet. I'll have to take her for walks all the time even when I don't want to. I'll have to deal with walls I can't clean, paint, hang stuff on, etc. I'll have to deal with the small space and no room for all my crafty and arty needs. Now I'm just depressed because I want a home and a yard. I'm sure I'll get over it sooner or later.


chey said...

Bummer. Here's hoping that your new garden is not too far into your future.

Sue Swift said...

Oh dear - I'm so sorry. never mind - just think, the place you get when your lease truns out may be ten times nicer than the one you're being offered now.

But have you tried asking the flat owner if you could break the contract? I let my house in London, and have never refused a tenant's request to leave early. It's worth a try ...

garden girl said...

Oh, I'm sorry Priscilla! I can see how dissapointed you are. I hope your dream of a house and yard to garden in comes true very soon.

Cinj said...

Where I live you can break a lease, they'd probably keep your entire security deposit though. Most landlords can be understanding of circumstances if you just communicate with them.

Kathleen said...

OH, that's a total bummer. I hope you can get it all lined up to work out when your new lease is up. Why do things work that way?

Anna said...

Let's see--been there at least 20x's. You still might have options. You may be able to get out of the lease and it cost you some up front money but in the long run save you.

Call base housing and ask for some guidance. Tell them you are new at this and ask what to do. You may be able to go back on the list and get out of your lease----but rent by month to month at a higher rent.

Every base is different for on base move in times. We've rented from 1 month to two years. Sometimes we've gotten right into base housing. We've also moved from base housing to base housing if my husband got a promotion. It was worth it for a nice house. We never bought a house cause it was too risky.

On the other hand, sometimes there's a reason things turn out as they do. You might get transfered and get an even better house. The best part of being in the military is those moves. Every move is a new and fresh start. You get to try new plants and new growing conditions. You are going to learn so much cool stuff. I loved it all.

If you do have to stay in the apartment, you have time to get lots of things a home owner needs. I don't mean like things that have to be specific for that house. I mean like....garden hoses?, sprinklers, etc. You can store them under your bed for now.

Do you have enough towels, sheets, pillow cases? Lamps? Pictures? End tables? Placemats? Candles? Throw Pillows? Trash Cans?

Shovels, Rakes, Wheelbarrows--you can rent a storage unit while you collect this stuff. It would be fun for ya'll while you wait to get the house. You could go on weekend trips to collect art work for the new home. Some bases have storage units they will let you rent--or they use to?? We've been out since 1994, lots has changed.

I know this is all really tough on you and I understand. I've been there. I wasn't patient either. It was frustrating. It was a hard life but loads of fun too. How long till you get another duty assignment?

Vanillalotus said...

chey- I hope there is a garden in the near future too. At least I know there is only a year left here but not sure what they will do if we don't take a house. Probably put us back on the bottom of the list.

sue swift- We haven't asked them yet but do know we can but would have to pay back about 1000 which just might be too much to do that and then purchase home things we do not have.

garden girl- I'll eventually get a home and garden but it's so sad to think I could be moving right at the end of this month. If we had just gone month to month it wouldn't be a problem. When we had asked them how much longer it would take they said a long time and to go ahead and just do a year lease. This is just a learning lesson for the future.

cinj- We read our contract and it said that we would have to pay like 600 bucks back and on top of that 445 because that is was we saved for doing a 13 month lease.

kathleen- I hope things get worked out. I'm not sure if we are just going to let it go by this time and see what happens next year. Or my husband might ask to get fake orders then we can leave without having to pay anything at all.

anna- I'm glad you answered because I remember you lived the military life too. My husband briefly talked to the housing department and they just asked if we could get out of the lease. We haven't talk to the apartment management yet but looked at our contract. The contract says we would have to pay back 600 and then 445 because of what we saved for making a 13 month lease. If we go back on the list it will take another year for us to get up to the top again. We had talked to a friend in the Navy that lives her and she said that people have gotten fake orders before. That way we don't have to pay anything to get out of our lease. I'm not sure we will be that lucky. I think my husband is waiting for monday to hear back from the housing department.

I like your idea of buying home things because I sure will need them. We have enough in the home stuff but I don't have any real gardening tools. Plus we might have to build a fence if the house doesn't have one already. Sadly we'll be stationed her for another 4 years maybe even 5. This is our first home base so they make it now that they want you to stay there for quite a while before you have to move again. We would never buy a home but maybe rent out. I haven't gotten to see the base houses. My husband saw one and then just checked off some random ones. It was hard because he got here and didn't know which ones to pick. Now that we have been here we know which ones we want and I don't think he picked those.

I love moving. I've already done it alot in the past few years. It's always fun going to a new place with new things. The moving the stuff ain't fun but it's only for a while. I can't wait to go to our next station. I like the weather here but it don't feel like home. Plus I want to go over sees where things are far different then here. Then I would be close to my parents also and could visit them more. This is especially true if I get england I'll be a 2 hour flight away instead of like 8 or more with all the plane transfers.