The Excellence Award

thank you!

I want to thank Katarina from Roses and Stuff and Pam from Costa de la Luz Gardening for both giving me the Excellence award. It means so much to have blogs I like to read give me an award for blogging. Really I am very grateful to have wonderful fellow garden bloggers who come by and leave comments or just read. Now to pass along the good gesture I will also chose 10 bloggers to give the award to. It's going to be tough since I know many that I would give the award to already have it. Forgive me if you have it already.

Danielle's Garden Blog - Danielle lives in the wonderful to garden in state of Florida. She's one of those bloggers we all envy for having lush plants practically all year long. I love her short sweet posts with great photos. It's nice to see her unique plants and learn some interesting things along the way.

Digital Flower Pictures - Love love love this blog. This was one of the first garden blogs I discovered. It combines many of the things I look for in a wonderful blog. There is a post every single day. Wonderful pictures every single day. Last but not least wonderful information on the plants pictured every single day. Not only all of that the wonderfully talented photographer lives very close to were I was born in Connecticut. I know someone else has nominated him..but I will do it again. He deserves it because he is beyond talented!

Garden Hopping- Zoe is a wonderful blogger over in the UK who is a mother and is studying Horticulture. She takes these wonderful trips to all the fantastic gardens in her country. It's a blast to look at her photos and the places she goes to that I wish I could go to also.

Hana's Garden Catastrophe- Hana is another Austin blogger. Why are there so many Austin bloggers and not really many San Antonio bloggers? Hana is a very new blogger and a new gardener too. I like to read her blog and learn from her mistakes. Since Austin is so very close to San Antonio the gardening conditions are very similar.

Hayefield- Nancy is a very talented blogger and photographer. She has such a beautiful yard and a wonderful way of combing plants. She also has published many wonderful gardening books. They are all on my wish list for when I get extra money to purchase them. Her posts are wonderful and informative with great pictures. She gives tons of tips on combining plants and creating a great garden.

Element's Backyard Garden
- Element is a fellow Texas Garden blogger. I do love to read those Texas blogs. It's always wonderful to see what other Texans are planting. Element lives further up so the conditions are a bit different. He used to garden on a balcony like me! Now he has his own yard and is learning how to garden that way. He's a wonderful blogger. Drop by and look at his wonderful roses!

I'm a rule breaker when it comes to these online things. I'll not nominate 10 because I swear everyone else has the award! Congrats to you all and I'll be by to drop a line just to make sure you see you have an award. Thank you again to Katarina and Pam who nominated me!


Zoƫ said...

Gosh :: blush:: thank you so much, I dont know what to say!


Cinj said...

What fun! I don't have an award, but then again I don't do all of my blogs about gardening so I guess I'm not as appealing as others may be. That's okay though, it's still fun to hang around and chat with everyone who stops by. Congrats!

Nan Ondra said...

Thank you so much, Priscilla, both for the kind comments and for sharing your favorites. Several of them are new to me, so it looks like I have even more visiting to do!

Element said...

Thanks so much! It means a lot.

hanako! said...

I'm so sorry that I missed this post! I feel embarrassed coming along like a month later to see that you've been so sweet to me. I feel very un-excellent right now. Thank you so much for honoring my blog in this way :3 This is definitely a kick in butt to get me to take my blog more seriously.