Seeds Are Sprouting and Daylilies Too!

Daylilies are coming back from the dead!

There is quite a bit of new growing happening over here at New Sprout. I have many many daylilies. They all had grown so nicely when I planted the fans I received months ago. All of them grew new leaves and looked so lovely. Then all their leaves turned yellow and brown and all gone. I cleaned up all the dead leaves and was left with hardly anything if anything. Scared was my initial reaction never having cared for daylilies or knowing what they do in winter. But look new growth! All the daylilies have signs of new leaves popping up. I got many different varieties. The labels I saved and stuck with them but they have gotten washed or sunwashed out. I'll have to wait to see blooms to be able to tell what they will be.

More daylilies in another pot starting to grow.

Gaillardia Razzle Dazzle Mix seedlings

I had mentioned before that some of my seeds I planted have sprouted. These are the Gaillardias growing fast now. Their are about 5 seedlings that came up out of 8 so far. It seems I don't do well planting seeds in these flats. I have a black thumb with that. When I've planted seeds in peat pots they have grown great. That is not the case with when I plant them in flats. I have a few flats at school for a project and there are hardly any seeds growing. Everyone else has many many seeds growing. These Gaillardia are the only ones really growing for me. Besides them I have one Osteopermum, one Gazania, and one Nemesia sprouting in the flat.

Sweet Pea and Stock Seedlings
Sweet Pea Bijou Mix and Stock Tudor seedlings

The Sweet Pea Bijou Mix seedlings have emerged. I had feared they would not grow. It seems that all the seeds I planted in that pot have started to grown. See I'm good at growing seeds in pots but darn those flats. I can't wait to see these all grown up. That one sweet pea seedling really grew like crazy the past day or two. And I have no idea how those 3 grew in a row because I did not plant them that way. Never do I plant in rows. Oh well no worries.

Sweet Pea and Stock Seedlings
All the little sweet pea and stock seedlings


jodi said...

Isn't it exciting, watching new sprouts--it's another season's promise, coming to life. I love that...a ways off for me yet, but it's fun watching yours!

Kylee said...

There is nothing more beautiful than to see new life sprouting from the soil. Your lilies look especially pretty! I can't wait until I can plant some seeds here!

Anonymous said...
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