Green Thumb Sunday

Seedlings of either phlox or dusty miller

I planted some seeds of Phlox "Phlox of Sheep" and Dusty Miller a week back. There are little seedlings popping up now. Not sure if it is the phlox or the dusty miller. I'm assuming the phlox for now because I think dusty miller is hard to grow from seeds. I could be wrong.

When I planted the seeds I had already put some grape hyacinths in the same planter. I thought by now the grape hyacinths would be blooming but they are taking their sweet time. I have a glass container where I put some grape hyacinths and they are much larger then the ones outside. I wonder if the depth that I planted them has made that difference. I'm hoping the combination will be okay with the grape hyacinths for now. If not it was a learning experience.


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No Rain said...

I've had dusty miller reseed without any help from me! I agree your seedlings are too young to identify, but it doesn't take long for the distinctive lacy leaves to form. Happy GTS,

Rosehaven Cottage said...

Thanks for dropping by Rosehaven Cottage and leaving such a sweet comment. You've made me smile! :)

I think the grape hyacinth will be quite happy with their new neighbors as bulbs usually aren't fussy about sharing.

Can't wait to see which one it is--phlox or dusty miller.

Cindy at Rosehaven Cottage