Seed Flat
Seed Flat with seeds planted

Yesterday I mentioned I planted all the seeds I had and had some sprouting. Well here is my seed flat and the sprouting seeds! I shouldn't have planted them all in one flat because some I believe need a different growing temperature. I just didn't have enough soil to fill up another flat. Shame on me. But I was able to save half of the packages of most of my seeds just in case these do not take off. Here is the list of what I planted in this flat:
Osteospermum African Moon
Gaillardia Razzle Dazzle Mix
Orchid Mist Cascade Petunia *used all those tiny little specks of seeds!*
Delphinium Summer Blue
Parsley Big Mountain
Gazania Kiss Rose
Laurentia axillaris Blue Stars
Nemesia Mello Red and White

Osteospermum African Moon
The Osteospermum African Moon sprout

Gaillardia Razzle Dazzle
3 sprouts coming up of the Gaillardia Razzle Dazzle Mix. These photos were from yesterday and they are bigger today.

One pale yellow sprout of the Gazania Kiss Rose.

Of course I hope that more do sprout up soon. Today while checking the pot that has the stock and sweet pea seeds I noticed some new different sprouts. So I was right and the ones that sprouted before where stock and today there are sweet pea sprouts!

Stock Tudor
Stock Tudor sprouting up in pot with sweet peas *not yet showing in this pic*.


ladyluz said...

It's lovely to revisit you and see all your hard work on the seeds.

Stuart on Blotanicals says you've "faved" me. I think I know what he means, so many thanks.

By the way, my coriander still survives and I'm just harvesting the cauli, broccoli, cabbage and lettuce - so scrumptious.

Matron said...

I share your excitement when the seeds first pop their heads above the soil. Signs of an end to Winter! I also wish I had a macro lens to share them like you have!