Dianthus *Sweet William*

sweet wiliam
Dianthus Sweet William

I bought a package of sweet william seeds last year. I planted them around July or some time after that. Never did anything pop up! The only seeds that grew from the packets I bought were candytuft. Eventually I got one Godetia to sprout but never any others. The sweet william had been long forgotten. Instead I bought some dianthus pinocchio already grown and that has turned out with nice thick foliage...still awaiting the flowers.

I planted the sweet william seeds with the candytuft and godetia. The candytuft grew and seeded. Then I yanked the candytuft out to make room for other things. I left a few sprouts of something I wasn't sure of what it could be. They were small and had leaves that were almost similar to candytuft. Those sprouts were left there to grow so I could see if it was more candytuft. Well it was my Sweet Williams! I was surprised and pleased. Now they are growing and I can't wait to see them flower if they do. I guess all they needed was some cold to get them going. There are 3 little plants right now but they are being speedy growers! Dianthus are quickly rising to be my favorite plants. I love their leaves have yet to see flowers but the foliage is enough to please me.

Sweet Willam
Another Dianthus Sweet William

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