Garden Blogger Bloom Day

snapdragon buds
Buds on my Snapdragon

Today is my first garden blogger bloom day. I've never been able to participate because I never have any blooms. Carol at Maydreamsgardens is the wonderful person that created Bloom Day. Go visit her blog and see other bloggers who blogged today about their blooms.

snapdragon bud
My snapdragon getting ready to bloom.

snapdragon bud 2
Another bud on my Snapdragon

First I'll start with my Snapdragon. I have been awaiting these flowers since i purchased the plant in December i think. This snapdragon was bought as a small plant with one bud. It has grown and grown taller since then and produced another bud. Now I await for the blooming.

Purple/white Candytuft

This Candytuft I accidentally left after doing my cleaning out the candytufts from the planter. Now it is blooming! I love candytufts but have many seeds to try. They grow fast and with no trouble at all for me. It's not a problem if I want some back again I'll just plant more seeds. I do have some candytufts growing that were from the seeds of the last ones that bloomed. Nothing blooming yet though for those.

Knotweed Blooms

Knotweed Bloom
Pink Knotweed Flower

This was a plant that I got from an older women who allowed me to take cuttings from her over grown unkept yard. She didn't know what it was neither did I. My many searches resulted in nothing. Eventually the curiosity started to kill me so I asked on GardenWeb if anyone knew. Of course they did and responded with Knotweed. I really like this vine weed groundcover whatever it is. It has interesting leaves, grows and spreads nicely in and out of it's container, and has cute round blooms in white and pink.

Begonia Flowers
Cocktail Vodka Begonia blooming

Cocktail Vodka Begonias
Cocktail Vodka Begonias in container blooming nicely

My last bloom are my Cocktail Vodka Begonias. I planted these in a larger pot last week I believe. They were in individual peat pots before and it was a pain to keep them watered right. I gave in and spent my money on some much needed bigger pots. They look great clumped together! I love these so much and see them everywhere around here. Their foliage is a nice change from the normal green on my balcony.


Bonnie said...

Welcome to Bloom Day. Nice to have another Texas garden blogger.

Your begonia is such a fantastic color and I love the name. And I had never seen the knotweed before- thanks for showing it off.

Carol said...

It's great to visit new blogs (new to me!) as part of bloom day. The snapdragon and begonias remind me of summer here in the midwest. How wonderful that you can have those blooms in February.

Thanks for joining in and I'm looking forward to seeing more of your blooms in March.

Carol, May Dreams Gardens

Nan Ondra said...

Congratulations on your Bloom Day post! May it be the first of many. I like that knotweed (Polygonum capitatum) too. Here in PA, it makes a fun reseeding annual. I am rather glad it's not hardy here, though!

Robin's Nesting Place said...

Welcome to Bloom Day! Those are beautiful pictures!

Annie in Austin said...

Hi Vanillalotus - your snapdragon is ahead of the ones I planted... they're just thinking about making buds. I like that begonia, too - great color!

The people at GardenWeb seemed to have some pretty good ideas don't they! I hope their suggestions also help you with the job search.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose

[and you sure are right about the palm/elephant resemblance in that photo a few posts back!]

jodi said...

Glad to see you've joined in the fun, Vanillalotus! And what a fine start you have...of course, us more northerly gardeners are consumed with envy...;-)

Sue Swift said...

Seems you have plenty blooming now! Welcome to GBD.

rusty in miami said...

Welcome to GBBD, you did very well for your first post. The Candytuft is a very interesting plant, I never seen it around my area.