My Mystery Plant

maybe jasmine
What are you mystery plant? I do hope you are a jasmine!

There are a few mystery plants that I have on my balcony. But one of them has really been pushing at me to find out for sure what it is. It is one of the plants I received from an older women who gave me some cuttings (more like whole plants) from her neglected garden. She yanked this plant out of her front yard. She handed me this vine plant to bring home saying she thought it was a jasmine but could not remember. She thought it had white flowers and smelled good. Well that sounded like jasmine to me right? I could only hope because I had no idea about anything back then. When I received it, it was green and growing and tangling me up when I was trying to get it planted. She didn't just give me a cutting like I wanted but the whole plant with roots and all the vines that came with it. Ha it was funny trying to bring this and other plants out of my car and up my stairs with vines dragging behind me.

This is what the leaves looked like when I brought it home.

The first picture is of my jasmine now. I cut back all the dead stems. They were once green but I cut them back and well they died. Really I was going to toss this out because I thought I had killed it for sure. Deep inside I had a feeling that it just went into shock or that it was supposed to do this. I trusted my instinct and kept it to see if any new growth would show up. It did and I waited longer to cut off the dead steams in case something grew from them. Nothing did and it all kept popping out of one area and one greenish stem. It was just last week that I cut it off and I hope I did the right thing. If not then I'll learn from my mistakes. I've made many already. What harm does another one do?

In January.

It has grown a bit but not really fast. That is what it looked like in January with the old stems still on it. I'm thinking it might be a confederate jasmine since that is a popular zone 8 vine. The women who gave me this had rather common plants so I'm thinking she didn't had the most common jasmine of this area. I'll have to wait and see if I'm right. If anyone knows for sure please do speak.


Stuart said...

Looks very much like one Vanillalotus. We had these sprawling over our back fence at a rental property years ago. Incredible perfume when they flowered and just amass of colour. Congrats on the propagation.

Anna--Flowergardengirl said...

It looks like a Jasmine to me too--but not sure which Jasmine till we see what color the bloom is.

Vanillalotus said...

Awesome thank you stuart and anna for confirming this is a jasmine. I can't wait to see what kind it is. I hope it smells wonderful like she said it does.

Ki said...

I hope it is Jasmine. I can already imagine the heavenly scent of the flowers.