Job woes

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As many others in the world I have having job issues. I've been unemployed for half a year. I can't find anything and have applied to a million places! I had I guess a job for a few weeks but it was a very uncomfortable situtation. I was taking photographs of houses but it wasn't for a real estate company. Stray dogs would always find me and one day I was pounded on by a way to friendly great dane. Home owners didn't like me because I was taking pictures of their house and they are not selling it. It just felt like I was in danger out walking the streets, stray dogs, and doing something that make me feel like a criminal. Besides that no go at jobs. I applied and called to every garden center, wholesale nursery, anything that I could find to deal with plants. Either no one was hiring or I just didn't get hired. Not only that I never get interviewed. I'm doomed with the no experience. My volunteering and going to school just doesn't cut it.

In January I thought for sure I found something. Just doing plant merchandising but it payed decent, would give me something to say I've had experience with plants, is temporary and close to my house. I thought I was golden! Until now I'm still waiting to start and there have been major communication lacking. The manager says family problems and I really do want to believe him really. But I'm running low and money and need a job SOON! Supposedly I'm supposed to start training next week....we'll see. I'm hoping the one garden center that is hiring will call me for an interview and hire me. I've applied to them before and called them several times expressing my interest. So if by friday I don't hear from them it's a no go. They won't pay as much as the other place but that's even if I ever start working there.

Why is it so hard to find a job? I know it's not really the season for there to be jobs. It seems that everyone wants to work with plants. I was told 30+ applications were handed in to that garden center to be reviewed. That is me up against 30 people who I'm sure have had more experience with plants then I have had.

Today for my herbaceous plants class we are going to a TNLA (Texas Nursery and Landscape Associate) meeting about plant nutrition in the greenhouse, nursery and turf. Hopefully I will meet some people who can be my contacts. I'm excited...plus there is free food!

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kate said...

I am really sorry to hear about how tough it is to find jobs. If you could stand living in Saskatchewan, there are available jobs. Our economy is booming, but living in a harsh winter landscape might not be great.

I wish you luck on finding a good job - I didn't like the sound of the photographing job either. I'm glad you stopped that ...