Good Morning!

Good Morning Grasshopper!

Out on my balcony many things were out and already enjoying the day. I looked out at the sunny but windy day and saw the world awakening. Many of the plants around my apartment are growing already. There are tons of weeds in the grass that are multiplying fast. There is one weed I don't know the name of that I find rather pretty. It has interesting round leaves with a frilly edge. Then these little purple flowers come out but disappear quickly. I'm all for having naturalized native plants since my containers don't really allow them to spread as if I had a yard. The Evening Primrose is a weed here that I always look for on my morning walks. I don't see it as much as I used to.

Even though it was windy last night none of my plants tipped over like they usually do. I did the quick glance around and spotted the grasshopper on my window screen. Well good morning grasshopper. At least it will be a good morning if you don't fly at me! And it didn't, so it was a good morning. Large flying insects coming at me are not something I enjoy. I'm still getting used to the bees that like to get way to close for comfort. Now instead of giving a little squeal when a bee gets close to my head, I just stay there and wait it out hoping I don't get smacked in the eye.

grape hyacinths
Good Morning Grape Hyacinths!

Well after hoping that a grasshopper didn't fly at me I looked at my little seedlings. As I always do many times a day inspect the seedlings for any new growth. All those that are up are growing fast now. The fastest seedlings of them all are the sweet peas. They are just about 2 pushing on 3 inches tall. Yesterday I spotted my Parsley Big Mountain seeds growing. I had reseeded some of my seed flat since somethings were not popping up. Parsley was one that I reseeded a few seeds and they appeared the next day. Now I have around 4 parsley seedlings. I'm still wishing the Delphinium would pop up, but nothing. I reseeded some gazania and got a sprout about to pop out of the dirt. There was a gazania seedling before but something happened to it and it didn't make it for very long.

grape hyacinth
Peaking out of the foliage.

My Grape Hyacinths are getting ready to put on a great show. Some are showing some of their blooms already and others are just peaking out of their foliage. The ones I planted in the bowl for forcing aren't showing anything yet. I'm just guess their timers for blooming got set back from not having adequate light inside. Maybe they will put on a show after the others have started up.

grape hyacinth
Good Morning plants! Keep growing!


GardenJoy4Me said...

I just had to have a great chuckle over finding some one else that freaks with flying insects that aim at us ! .. when ever i see a grasshopper I turn to another direction QUICKLY !.. moths are worse but I'm not out at night, so most times I can avoid them .. funny how we love to garden but some insects really get to us !LOL

GardenJoy4Me said...

Hi again ..
I know you have your sweet peas going but I did find this link to more heat resistant ones for next year perhaps ?

Vanillalotus said...

Thank you so much Joy. I'll be sure to pick some of those up for next year. Now I know that I will always need to check if my plants are heat tolerant. I'm new to south texas and it still hasn't hit me that everything won't do well in my zone because of my killer heat.

Jim/ArtofGardening said...

Seeing these makes me long for my grape hyacinths. I planted a 20 ft long strip of them in my front garden so i get a swath of purple in the spring before much else comes up. Alas, i won't see mine for another month or more! Woe is me.

Anna--Fowergardengirl said...

What a nice post today. I enjoyed your morning stroll and ponderings. Meems over at Hoe and Shovel got eaten by a morph grasshopper. I totally took the challenge and named it after her. Congrats too on your new level with Blotanical!! I'm going to start calling Blotanical a micro climate--cause we all thirve here.

Annie in Austin said...

Hi Vanillalotus,

Your grape hyacinths are way ahead of mine - I like to see them coming up, a real sign of spring.

Is it possible that your insect is a katydid rather than a grasshopper? Katydids, crickets and grasshoppers are all related, but there's something about the head shape in the photo that says Katydid to me.

Good luck with the horrible spider mites.

Annie at the Transplantable Rose